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About Joncowest

Commercial Cleaning Services Since 1969

A company is only as strong as its team and the services it provides. Our team of highly-skilled and efficient professionals are always training to stay in top form. We are a collective of trial-proven cleaners who take pride in every task.

Over 43 Years of Pristine Service

Joncowest is invested in all aspects of our clients’ janitorial needs. With over 200 million square feet serviced, you can be sure your cleaning job will be overseen by a dedicated professional who delivers prompt and thorough results.

Business to Business

We specialize in Business-to-Business (B2B) services, with around-the-clock cleaning and experienced management personnel that is always. We make sure your workplace is free of messy distractions so you can focus on business.


At Joncowest our services are solutions. Our ongoing goal is to improve every square inch of your business with our professional touch. To accomplish this, we combine modern technology, extensive training, and consistent organization into our daily operations, with clean solutions that are designed to fit each of our clients’ needs.

Quality & Safety Inspection

What is the joncowest experience?

We make your business look good

The result of our work is usually the first thing your customers and employees see when they enter your place of business. That first impression usually shapes how customers see your company before the first handshake. This is why we’ve crafted the Joncowest experience to create a sparkling first impression that will set the right tone for your workplace.

Professional Cleaners

We provide our staff with the training and resources they need to thrive. Our standard of excellence translates throughout each staff member, and it shows in their level of dedication to leave no task unfinished.

Team Work

We encourage a strong team environment throughout, and we understand that we are essentially a liaison between the expectations of our clients and the finished product.


Our QA Department is dedicated solely to inspecting the quality of our cleaning jobs, and each of our clients receive routine inspections by trained quality officers. They also provide all relevant training for onsite staff, both for compliance and to constantly improve our capabilities

By The Book

We maintain compliance with all OSHA Standards for General Industry (29 CFR 1910), which includes Occupational Health and Environment Control as well as Hazardous Materials.

Join our Team

Let’s grow

At Joncowest, you matter. We value our staff as much as we value our customers, and we are strong believers in the power of teamwork. In fact, our company is built on the idea that every person matters.

Become one of Joncowest’s best. Apply today, and join a fulfilling work culture.

Minority and Female owned.

Do more by doing less. We do our Job so you don’t have to. By working with Joncowest, your company can help provide opportunities for a 100% black-owned 100% female-owned business. We don’t expect your business simply because we are minority and female owned, though; we will earn that vote of confidence with service that is so reliable that your cleaning challenges become an afterthought. Because Your Business is our Business.

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