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We will customize our office and commercial cleaning services to meet your specific and optimum needs - much as we do for numerous firms and facilities in the commercial and industrial markets. Guaranteed, our janitorial commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles are professional and reliable as we always ensure customer satisfaction. OUR SERVICES CONTACT US

40 + Years In Business

 Joncowest is invested in all aspects of our client’s janitorial demands. Task are overseen by a premiere company of dedicated professionals ensuring prompt results.

Business to Business

We specialize in Business to Business service! To ensure around the clock service with experienced management. We have over 20 million square feet serviced. At Joncowest we’ve got you covered!

Industry Experts

We understand that a company may only be as strong as it products and or its team. Our team of skilled and efficient professionals are always trained. Trial proven, talented individuals with a passion for what we do.


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    Why Joncowest?

    Here at Joncowest, we’re committed to providing you with high-quality commercial deep-cleaning services. The company has been in the janitorial business for over 40 years, so we understand that every client has different needs. You’ll get reliable, flexible and customized services that fit exactly what your business requires.

    We ensure that your workplace promotes a clean and healthy environment. A clean office provides a more conducive area for you and your employees, and will also leave a good impression of your company.

    Professional Cleaners

    Team Work

    We encourage strong team environments and understand that we are essentially a liaison between the expectations of our clients and the finished product. We are but an extension of the idealism of perfection.

    Staff Incentives

    We have a system in place that rewards exceptional work and customer satisfaction with bonuses and company acknowledgments.

    By the book

    We stay up to date with OSHA Standards for General Industry (29 CFR 1910) which includes Occupational Health and Environment Control as well as Hazardous Materials.






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    Commercial Cleaning Services

    Choose Joncowest for your professional office cleaning needs. Our highly trained team is dedicated to giving a thorough service that promises customer satisfaction. We ensure professional service, and compliance with health code laws. You’ll also get an all-inclusive service that’s guaranteed to be cost-effective.

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