Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

JoncoWest is proud to offer affordable commercial cleaning services in California and nearby states.  That way, you can keep cleaning and sanitation a priority along with your other business expenses.

How JoncoWest Provides Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

1. Flexible Cleaning Packages

Once you request a  free quote, we can conduct an ocular inspection of your property and determine the areas of priority. We can schedule our service to prioritize critical areas that need more frequent cleaning and sanitation and those that need less.

We can even schedule our services to fit your operations, making sure it does not disrupt your regular business activities.

2. More Efficient, Commercial-Grade Equipment and Supplies

We at JoncoWest constantly update our commercial-grade equipment and search for the best cleaning and sanitation chemicals so that we can perform our services efficiently.

3. A Comprehensive All-Inclusive Service Cuts Costs

We have a comprehensive, all-inclusive service list that will help you cut costs and give added accountability because we will be the only ones dealing with the cleaning.

4. Long-Term Contracts Let You Save More

We offer long-term janitorial contracts for even more savings.

When operating a business, the capital and operating expenses mostly go to manufacturing and logistics. Cleaning/sanitation of offices is the lowest priority for many and where a company cuts budget.  What most businesses do not realize is that affordable commercial cleaning services are available and SHOULD be a priority as well. 

So before relegating cleaning and sanitation to the bottom of your business priorities, here are several reasons to think otherwise.

Reasons to Make Professional Cleaning Services a Priority Expense

Affordable commercial cleaning services will not only let you save, but it will also translate to more productivity and business.

1. Compliance with OSHA and Local Standards

For one thing, if your business does not satisfy OSHA’s surprise inspections, your operations can possibly be put to a temporary halt until such time you can comply. This means lost income.

2.  Prevents unexpected expenses due to accidents and mishaps

Yes, accidents can and do happen! This will cost your company employee hospitalization expenses – something that is preventable with expert property maintenance.

Hazardous chemicals can also start fires and be very costly. Disposal of e-waste should be done by professionals.

3.  Healthier work environment means more productivity

With the coronavirus staying on surfaces for days, we now see how unsanitary work conditions can have serious consequences on health. This would result in more sick leaves and absenteeism.

4. Prevents infestation leading to product contamination

Pest infestation can start in many ways – a poorly maintained ventilation system for instance. This can cause moisture build up in your warehouse, which pests thrive in. Professionals in commercial cleaning such as Joncowest can keep this in check so that your place of business.

Another way that pests can breed is improper trash disposal.

5. Confidence in Your Property’s Suitability for Business

This is another issue that has been plaguing businesses for months since the pandemic – restaurants for example. Customers will refuse to visit your restaurant, your hotel,  store, or spa unless they are assured that you take extra measures and precautions to keep them safe in your place of business.

Negligence of sanitation practices can have serious consequences on your business to the point of possible closure.

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services = Savings and Business Continuity

Indeed, commercial cleaning and sanitation should be a priority in the company budget.  You can get affordable commercial cleaning services from Joncowest that will not only let you save but also significantly contribute to business continuity and growth. Contact us today for an affordable custom cleaning package!

 Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services