What is Warehouse Management

            Jonco is all about warehouses! If you have ever worked at a warehouse before and noticed a stern person scrutinizing the aisles of your warehouse and nervously tapping their clipboard making sure that everything is to par, that might’ve been your warehouse manager. When it comes to distributing items, we must follow a precise system. This is what we would call a warehouse management system.  In simpler terms a warehouse management system is used to optimize warehouse operations.  What does a warehouse management system entail? You may ask. 

  1. Inventory tracking
  2. Picking and packing
  3. Receiving and stowing 
  4. Shipping 
  5. Reporting 

          Basically it monitors the day-to-day operations that go within the warehouse. ORACLE describes warehouse management as solutions additionally enable companies to maximize their labor and space utilization and equipment investments by coordinating and optimizing resource usage and material flows. Specifically, WMS systems are designed to support the needs of an entire global supply chain, including distribution, manufacturing, asset-intensive, and service business.” (Oracle, 2022).