Author: Jonco West

Tips on hiring a cleaning crew

Everybody likes a clean house, of course! But in today’s time of hustle, nobody has enough dedicated time to look after their residence. Sounds relatable? Well, the next choice we have is to hire a cleaning service. Hiring any random person, and handing them gloves and disinfectants or detergents won’t be as effective as choosing […]

What to Clean before Moving Facilities

Moving your company is stressful enough, and you want to leave it in tidy condition for the next renter or owner. It’s helpful to know what’s typically cleaned for moving so you can check each item off your list. Moving a company is stressful, and often cleaning the previous facility is not a high priority. […]

Importance of maintaining a neat workspace

Our services range from warehouses to new office spaces. Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work when you have a messy workspace? Or your anxiety rising up when your boss notices that you have a messy desk. Some people are different when it comes to their workspace       One of the most important aspects of having […]


Warehouse cleaning can be an overwhelming task. If not manufactured regularly, warehouses can generally become messy and unorganized. An article “Best practices to keep your warehouse clean” states that by having a clean warehouse it can boost productivity and regular job satisfaction.         According to CyzergWarehouseTechnthe list some of the best practices to keep your warehouse […]

Procedures for Clean Room Entrances and Exits

Cleanrooms require that contaminants in the air are highly controlled in order to meet specific standards (click here to learn more). Without strict monitoring, contaminants can destroy cleanroom processes and equipment in specialized environments. Cleanrooms are highly regulated because they need to be, and there are proper procedures for entering and exiting clean rooms in […]

What is Warehouse Management

            Jonco is all about warehouses! If you have ever worked at a warehouse before and noticed a stern person scrutinizing the aisles of your warehouse and nervously tapping their clipboard making sure that everything is to par, that might’ve been your warehouse manager. When it comes to distributing items, we must follow a precise system. […]

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Tips

      Worrying about having a tidy warehouse? We know the struggle of keeping one clean. Jonco offers many services but not as best as our facility services. Facility maintenance ensures your company’s property is in tip-top shape so you can focus on what you do best– leading your business. Whether it’s big or small, Joncowest can […]