Why cleaning companies can save you money

Are we just too busy to clean? In a day and age when everything is moving a mile a minute. From our schedules to hopefully not our internet wifi. A working or student Millennial, the name coined decades ago by American Authors William Struass and Neil Howe are on the go more than any other generation before now. When one thinks of a cleaning service they think of the Baby Boomers and Generation X with maids dressed in scanty black and white decorum or butlers to answer the door and show your guest to the Parlor. But an increasing number of adults between the ages of 22-37 are in desperate need for those extra hands at home now that they are creating homes of their own.

It’s just not in the budget…… I’d rather by the new thousand dollar phone!

It helps to take a peek at how consumer spending is categorized as a whole. Expenditures for housing according to the Division of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a national 2018 average of 33% of household income, which would include but not limited to rent, mortgage & utilities. In comparison the national average for services and apparel would consist of just 3%, also according to the BLS, www.bls.gov These studies and many like paint a crystal clear picture of where the majority of spending goes. And surveys like these can help with making a plan and household budget. The idea of a maid essentially seems like a fringe benefit that busy illusionally tight budgeted millennial would certainly hesitate to indulge in while surrounding themselves with thousands of dollars worth of the latest gadgets, no matter how dire the need for organization that a thorough lemon scented deep cleaning could provide.

Premier Janitorial companies like Joncowest, LLC in Southern California, the most populated state in America has found when their services are solicited by millennials the scope of work normally consist of bi-annual or one-time deep cleanings, either gifted to them by frustrated relatives tired of the nat’s and smell of spoiled fruit, or out of an overwhelming desperation to rid their homes of the golf sized dust bunnies or fur now in disrespectfully plain view. States like California, Florida, Texas, and New York are the top states with the highest employment rates for housekeepers in the nation according to BLS study in May 2017, bls.gov.com. So are those the cleaner states? Well that’s another article.

But a one-time cleaning saves money!

Not really. From the providers perspective a one time deep cleaning will always be billed at a higher rate than a weekly service. The work is more detailed and a highly meticulous service that could stretch into hours of laborious work for the cleaning professional. So the true savings could be in mere pennies if anything.

According to the BLS, Expenditure Survey, 3rd quarter 2017 through 2nd quarter 2018. Consumers spent an average of $2,071.00 on food away from home. Equating to roughly $230.00 a month in a ninth month period.  Baby Boomers and Generation X could pool together their sentiment and agree that with a bit of financial shifting and prioritizing, realistic accommodations could be made for a Housekeeping cleaning professional.

Why do I feel so Blue?

Well probably because you need to clean up your surroundings, we’ll deal with the rest of your life later! There are profound studies to illuminate the physiological benefits of a clean and organized environment. Enhanced productivity, Self Confidence, Cognitive Flexibility, Reduced Anxiety, Family Bonding, and increased trust are just to name the essential few. Things that are priceless when contemplating where to save money or spend your money.

So that settles it! The first step to reducing stress and living a more productive life would be to simply cleaning up and get help doing it. That overwhelming feeling your getting by the thought of it can diminish as you greet with a smile the right professional into your home to take a load off. And that means more than just the weeks laundry.

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