Warehouse Floor Maintenance 101

Why is cleaning your warehouse important?

  1. Safety: From oil spills to something like bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or just a piece of cardboard there are various warehouse hazards that can put employees, or even customers at risk. It is always good to take precautions. 
  2. Appearance: In order for your business to be booming you want to attract your audience. The best way to attract your audience is by keeping your business as tidy as possible. 
  3. Hire cleaners to perform regular maintenance: You should hire a professional cleaning team to perform regular maintenance, since they have employees on the floor day and night. You want to make sure that those floors are safe every time someone’s there. 
  4. Sweeping your floors before you scrub them:  It’s important for your warehouse floors to be cleared thoroughly. The cleaner it is, the less accidents you prevent. 
  5. Making sure your warehouse nins don’t overflow:  Make sure to clean your warehouse bins on a regular basis. You don’t want them to overflow, thus creating more dirt. Bins should also be spread apart so it can be easily accessible. 

Fun Fact:   Major companies such as ScJ Johnson follow their own professional floor cleaning system!