Facility Maintenance

Regularly maintaining buildings’ interiors or exteriors, industrial equipment, and capital assets is known as facility maintenance. Regardless of the maintenance project size, Joncowest can assist you in completing it quickly and affordably.

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Facility Maintenance Services

Sometimes it’s necessary to discuss facility maintenance services‘ role in producing successful outcomes in the built environment.

Machinery, robots, research tools, and medical gadgets are capital assets. Boilers and HVAC systems are examples of commercial appliances, and rooms, corridors, parking lots, and garages are examples of places.

In general, any organization that outsources its facility management services to another business is doing so for non-core services. Apart from the goods and services the firm produces, the facilities encompass everything any organization needs to operate. Facilities, therefore, include maintaining utility equipment, land, buildings, office furnishings, and interior. We categorize facility services into two groups.

Hard services

Hard facilities are physically a part of the structure and cannot be removed. Most of these services have been imposed by law and guarantee workers’ welfare, health, and adherence to safety rules. They are frequently fixed building components, such as HVAC or preventive maintenance, that can’t be modified.

Hard services frequently used as examples include:

Facility maintenance service
Hard Service

Soft Services

Soft services are amenities and services that improve the working environment, whether it is by enhancing security and safety, creating a more enjoyable working atmosphere, or increasing productivity. The main goal of soft services is to enhance the well-being of each facility’s workforce. These offerings improve employee comfort at work. These ad hoc services are taken off your long to-do list when you let JoncoWest handle them.

Soft facility management includes the following examples:

Why select JonCoWest for facility maintenance?

At JonCoWest, we know that a client’s needs might vary greatly and that catering to each client’s needs is crucial. Since the dawn of the technological era, we have spent decades becoming experts and mastering the complex operations of an enterprise. We have observed over time that industry norms and commercial cleaning requirements have only increased to match absolute excellence. As a result of our 43 years in the facility services sector, we know to:

Maintenance of your company’s facilities ensures they are in outstanding condition so that you can focus on what you do best—manage your business. Whatever the job size, JoncoWest can provide you with expert and reasonably priced maintenance assistance.


"Not only does the JoncoWest team provide excellent and consistent service, but their support team is fantastic at dealing with and following up on any issues that may arise."
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Facility management (FM) is a professional practice focusing on efficiently and effectively providing an organization’s support network. Engaging with people, places, processes, and technology helps assure functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency.

The services provided by facility management might be integrated or specialized, and they can include soft services, hard services, pest control, sanitization and disinfection, food services, and landscaping.

Effective facility management has several benefits, including clean and hygienic surroundings, assets that are performing properly, efficient resource use that lowers repair and maintenance costs, and contented personnel.

Yes. Facility management can reduce costs and save time. If your property management handles it internally, it will help reduce your personnel’s time managing its operation.

Soft services are often a group of services that offer a comfortable and more safe atmosphere that tends to emphasize greater human interaction. Landscaping, front office management, pantry services, payroll management, pest control, and housekeeping services are a few examples.

Engineering services that are hard to remove from a building are essentially hard facility management services. Examples include plumbing, HVAC, and electromechanical services.

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