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To provide you the peace of mind to concentrate on maintaining your data center’s 100% uptime, Joncowest Data Center Cleaning Services offers a wide range of services.

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Data Center Cleaning Services

Major data center operators in the US use assistance from Joncowest to keep their buildings spick and span and free of pollution. Call centers, command centers, web hosting, data processing, colocation, and telecom facilities are just a few of the many places that expertly trained personnel clean.

Our certified and well-supervised workers will arrive on time and in proper attire. Never again will you have to lose money and valuable time waiting for Joncowest to arrive on the job. You don’t need to be concerned about prolonged or pointless downtime because we get it correctly the first time.


Many significant data center operations in the US, including:

Call Center

Call & Command Centers

Data Center Cleaning

Web Hosting Companies

Data Processors

Data Processors

Colocation Data Centers

Colocation Data Centers

Telecom Facilities

Telecom Facilities


Data Center Cleaning Experts

Data security, data loss prevention, hardware failure avoidance, and expensive downtime are all achieved by maintaining clean and contaminant-free data centres. Data protection is essential. The proactive cleaning and upkeep of your data centre keeps your company operating smoothly because downtime can be expensive and devastating. Surfaces and equipment in data centres are vulnerable to dust and filth. By creating overheating and system failures, contaminants that enter data centres can damage data servers.

We are professionals in data centre cleaning and provide services for technology rooms of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Our skilled data room cleaning delivery capability includes Data Centres, Server Rooms, Audio/Visual Rooms, Telecom Rooms, Network Operation Rooms, Battery Backup/UPS Rooms, and similar spaces.

Why Choose Joncowest for Data Center Cleaning Services?

While you maintain your up-time operations, our specialised anti-static cleaning services will safeguard your storage media, other crucial infrastructure assets, and your workforce. Our professional workforce that cleans data centres is made up of specialists with technological know-how who have undergone stringent background checks for high-security clearance and have earned experience cleaning hundreds of data centres around the nation. To maintain the highest standards of excellence and keep up with the newest technology equipment and best practises, every employee participates in extensive and continuing training. Apart from all this, we also look after data center floor cleaning.


I have been using Joncowest for my data center cleaning needs for the past few months and I'm extremely pleased with their services. They pay attention to detail and make sure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned. They also get the job done in a timely manner, which is essential in keeping our data centers running smoothly.
Illian Feliz
I recently hired Joncowest to clean out our data center and was very impressed with their work. They were extremely thorough in their cleaning and took the time to answer all of my questions. The team was professional, friendly, and courteous throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Joncowest for anyone looking for reliable data center cleaning services.
Burak Samuel


In order to remove unwelcome debris from the floor and subfloor, data centre cleaning company uses mopping or vacuuming. To prevent the entrance of external contaminants, mops ought to be assigned to the data centre. It is necessary to have a HEPA filtering system on any vacuums used throughout the cleaning procedure.

It’s crucial to keep data centers clean. The likelihood of device failure rises as dust and particles build up on the equipment, putting client data at risk.

The certified cleaning for data centers must be scheduled annually. The data center might need to be cleaned more frequently, though, depending on a number of circumstances. Data centers are advised to schedule certified cleaning on a quarterly basis, along with routine hardware and equipment cleaning every three months.

The cleanliness of data centers is preserved by examining equipment manuals, recording maintenance plans and procedures, carrying out tests and inspections, carrying out quick cleaning chores, and inspecting security aspects of the building.

  • Examine the instruction manuals for the equipment.
  • Procedures for maintaining documents
  • Conduct evaluations and tests
  • Carry out basic cleaning duties
  • Inspect the building’s security measures.

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