Quality Policy Statement

Joncowest provides professional commercial cleaning across the U.S., and has provided cleaning services since 1969. As experts in the commercial cleaning field, we’re committed to maintaining first-rate quality in the services we provide and the products we use for cleaning and disinfection. We aim to meet our clients’ needs on time and within budget, no matter the scope of the cleaning contract.

Joncowest implements and enforces the quality assurance procedures
and policies established by Management. Employees get introduced to Joncowest’s quality assurance program during onboarding and training, and it’s mandatory to comply.

Joncowest works to identify key issues relating to quality assurance including the following:

  1. Ensure that clients’ needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled to a standard of excellence.
  2. Communicate to employees the importance of meeting client needs and all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. Ensure quality standards maintain full compliance with ISO standards.
  4. Conduct periodic quality assurance audits on the effectiveness and implementation of Joncowest’s quality standards and in accordance with annual ISO audits.
  5. Monitor processes and standard changes that lead to continual improvements to prevent non-conformance issues.

Joncowest assumes the responsibility for vetting and training all staff. So that not only industry standards but Joncowest’s standard of excellence is met.

As the industry grows and thrives, commercial cleaning standards and industry thresholds continue to evolve as well. We periodically review quality standards and procedures for compliance updates.
We believe that a clean and organized work environment aids in employee productivity and promotes a healthy workforce. We want to help clients provide a clean and safe workplace.