Commercial Cleanroom Services

TrueClean is Joncowest’s latest cleaning procedure where a contaminant-free environment is critical, such as for cleanrooms. TrueClean’s specialized procedure ensures your facility passes any inspection and meets every standard.


Cleanrooms must be kept free of dust and other particles and are held to a rigorous cleaning standard. Organizations use cleanrooms to conduct experiments using bacteria, viruses and microbial agents. As a result, it’s essential to properly disinfect cleanrooms. Some cleanrooms receive an ISO rating for factors such as air filtration, test methods, and other cleanliness standards. This ISO rating can be based on the type of pharmaceutical, electronic, or other tests/production occurring in the cleanroom. The type of cleanroom also impacts the cleaning chemicals and techniques used to sanitize and disinfect.

You might be curious about the TrueClean process. Here are the steps we follow:

  • Before starting, the janitorial staff suits up in sterile gowns before entering the cleanroom.
  • Next, any large or visible trash is swept into receptacles and disposed of properly.
  • Staff applies approved disinfectants to counters, walls, and floors and allowed to dry;
  • We use non-shedding cloths on walls and counters and a sterile mop for floors.
  • Staff disinfects ventilation system grates, but we don’t access internal components because some cleanroom ventilation systems are specially related to the function of the cleanroom
  • Outside air is filtered through a HEPA or ULPA system before it’s pumped into the cleanroom. Contaminated air within the cleanroom gets forced outside by registers in the room or it’s recirculated through the filters again.

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