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At JoncoWest, we are aware of how crucial it is to stop and get rid of contamination in regulated environments. We provide nationwide daily, weekly, or monthly visits.

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We adhere to International Organization for Standardization requirements, demonstrating our dedication to ongoing process improvement through accreditation to ISO 9001:2015. From micro-cleaning and critical environment sterilization to contamination control and microbiological environmental testing, JoncoWest provides comprehensive decontamination services for critical settings. Regular and infrequent cleanings are no problem; we offer nightly, weekly, or monthly service options.

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Cleanrooms must be kept free of dust and other particles and are held to a rigorous cleaning standard. Organizations use cleanrooms to conduct experiments using bacteria, viruses and microbial agents. As a result, it’s essential to properly disinfect cleanrooms. Some cleanrooms receive an ISO rating for factors such as air filtration, test methods, and other cleanliness standards. This ISO rating can be based on the type of pharmaceutical, electronic, or other tests/production occurring in the cleanroom. The type of cleanroom also impacts the cleaning chemicals and techniques used to sanitize and disinfect.

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Joncowest provides the best commercial cleanroom cleaning services I have ever seen! They are always on time, do an excellent job, and their prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for commercial cleaning services.
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Joncowest staff is professional, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that my cleanroom is spotless. They even take care of our windows and floors which is something most companies don't offer. Highly recommend Joncowest for all your commercial cleaning needs.
Joey Wise


A variety of items are manufactured in cleanrooms in sectors like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. To keep out pollutants like dust, germs, and particles that can enter the cleanroom from both inside and outside, these controlled environments need effective contamination control. Cleanrooms are designed to manage contamination to a specific level rather than to prevent contamination altogether.

Each requirement will vary depending on the cleanroom’s class, to be sure. The standards are based on the maximum particles permitted in controlled and uncontrolled environments, and the classes span from ISO 3 to ISO 9.

A minimum daily cleaning schedule is needed for every cleanroom, however requirements may be higher depending on how stringent the cleanroom’s regulations are. More stricter standards demand that inside surfaces and equipment be maintained clean, and that everyone inside the cleanroom follow proper gowning and masking procedures in addition to air quality control.

Commercial cleaning is done right and up to code!

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