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Cleaning cannot be delayed in facilities with considerable traffic. Our day porter services provide constant attention to ensure the health and safety of your clients, residents, and staff.

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JoncoWest Cleaning & Disinfecting Day Porter Services

Our Day Porter services are best for facilities that have all day, on-site staff. Day Porters ensure your facility is clean and presentable to everyone at your place of business during business hours (staff, tenants, visitors). Day Porter services focus on basic cleaning and maintenance tasks, such as:

Having a Day Porter provides several benefits. One, they improve your facility’s appearance, ensure your facility is clean and offer a safe building for staff and visitors. Providing a safe, clean facility increases your business’ reputation and professionalism. This service also can save money because the Day Porters clean throughout the day saving the cleaning crew time. Plus, having an on-sight Day Porter during business hours means you don’t have to wait for a night cleaning crew if an urgent need arises.

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Highly skilled personnel with leading-edge task-specific training.

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A localized support system that can sustain your contract.

Site-specific audits on a regular basis, according to the schedule.

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High levels of insurance.

At the forefront of process management and innovation.

At the forefront of process management and innovation.

Specific Day Porter Services Include:

Keep in mind that Day Porter services do not include deep janitorial cleaning, but we offer that service as well. Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning typically occurs after hours and focuses on deeply cleaning your facility. Interested in Day Porter services? Call for a quote today!

How We Work

We’ll manage the entire procedure while collaborating with you. Monthly Manager reports for improved quality control, premium cleaning agents and supplies for expert cleaning outcomes with cutting-edge cleaning machinery.

Day Porter Services
What is your current cleaning situation?
Day Porter Services
Site analysis and proposal

Once we have determined your cleaning needs on-site, we will send you a proposal within one business day.

Day Porter Services

Within two days of the terms and conditions being accepted, work can usually begin. Every one of our day porters follows a timetable that has been developed with the customer, ensuring that every task is finished to the greatest possible standard.


JoncoWest has been providing our office with day porter services for the past few months and they have been nothing short of fantastic. The staff is always polite, hardworking and professional. They take great care of our premises and make sure that everything is in order when they're done. We are very pleased with their service and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for day porter services!
I recently hired JoncoWest for their Day Porter Services and they exceeded my expectations. Their trained staff were professional, friendly and efficient with their work. They worked quickly to clean all the areas that were assigned to them and even provided additional services when requested. I highly recommend JoncoWest for any business looking for top-notch Day Porter Services!
David Barton


Hiring day porter services for businesses provides a clean and well-maintained workplace, which boosts staff morale and makes a good impression on clients and visitors. Day porters can also quickly address cleaning or maintenance issues, preventing potential hazards and minimizing inconveniences.

Day porter services are available for a business’s indoor and outdoor areas.

The cost of hiring day porter services varies depending on location, scope of services, and frequency. Still, it is generally worth the investment due to the improved cleanliness, organization, and professionalism they bring to the business.

Day porter services can contribute to a positive customer experience by maintaining a clean, well-organized, and inviting environment, leaving a lasting positive impression on customers.

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