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Because of our experience cleaning a wide range of commercial properties, we are a popular choice for cleaning pubs, bars, cafés, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Our Restaurant Cleaning Service in California

More often than not there is no other type of cleaning that is as physically demanding and crucial to a business’s success than the maintenance and cleaning of a restaurant. If standards of cleanliness are not met, it could mean violations of OSHA health-code laws, customers’ dissatisfaction or sickness, or employees could be met with serious injuries.

Each JoncoWest restaurant kitchen cleaning specialist is experienced and highly trained to meet these standards and considerations. We are always prepared to set a plan in motion for helping your restaurant achieve and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We can also clean your restaurant or pub’s kitchen. Using our commercial kitchen cleaning services is an excellent approach to maintaining high food safety ratings while also providing a clean and safe working environment for your chefs. Our cleaning crew can keep your restaurant’s kitchen clean and ready for business with our restaurant deep cleaning services.

Benefits of Restaurant Deep Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Prevent the spread of infectious disease

Health Line

Health Inspections

food safety

Safety of the Food

Business Impressions

Business Impressions

Our Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service on a Daily, Weekly & Monthly Basis




Why Choose JoncoWest for Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services?

We are well-known as a Front and Back of the House restaurant deep cleaning specialist, including dining rooms, kitchens, and all forms of culinary equipment for top restaurants. General Managers and restaurant owners chose us because they require complete service and prefer to focus on their core business of selling food and beverages rather than cleaning. Our service is tailored to each client’s needs, property, budget, and other factors.


"Not only does the JoncoWest team provide excellent and consistent service, but their support team is fantastic at dealing with and following up on any issues that may arise."
David Beck
"JoncoWest is very professional and always makes sure we are happy and kept up to date!"
Georgia Reowe


Clean using clean rags or cleaning wipes. Make sure that everything, including the oven, range, freezer, and refrigerator, has been sterilised. Cutlery, kitchen utensils, and other items should all be sterilised. Particularly at all of the entrances and exits, the floors should be mopped.

Bugs, mice, and other pests that could appear in an unclean environment can be avoided by cleaning every day. By giving your company a better reputation, daily cleaning will also set your restaurant apart from the competitors. It is flawless! A spotless restaurant will set your establishment apart from the competition.

Diminished Murphy Oil on leave a stickier residue, wet the soap and apply it directly on the table. To get rid of the sticky buildup, wipe the table with a gentle cloth. Furthermore, cleaning does not always require the use of dangerous chemicals or intimidating machinery. It is lovely to have a spotless restaurant dining table.

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