Our Strategy

Joncowest Quality Assurance Program

The simple version of our quality assurance program is we want to ensure that the Joncowest team meets and exceeds our clients expectations. We’re committed to maintaining first-rate quality in the services we provide and the products we use for cleaning and disinfection. We aim to meet our clients’ needs on time and within budget, no matter the scope of the cleaning contract.

Hiring the Best

Joncowest’s hiring practices exemplify our standard of excellence. Our team members are an extension of the company and they’re responsible for making our clients happy. As a result, we look for people who are friendly, reliable, and willing to learn. Employees are fully vetted with interviews, background checks and questions about their cleaning experience. In order to keep the best people on our team, we offer employees steady work and competitive pay.

Effective Onboarding/Training

Our boarding process is extensive and we dedicate time to making sure employees have the knowledge and training before they’re working for clients. Joncowest trains employees on all of our equipment and products used for cleaning. We communicate expectations for the level of service our team is known for and for customer service. We also have new hires shadow an experienced supervisor for a shift or two at minimum. If the new hire will work for a more complex commercial cleaning client, then shadow sessions are increased.

We monitor our employee metrics including:

  • productivity
  • employee absenteeism
  • adherence to safety regulations and policies
  • employee retention rate
  • OSHA incidents

Client Quotes

Joncowest works with clients to produce detailed quotes. This helps ensure that expectations are clear for everyone. Part of creating a quote involves touring the space, taking detailed notes, and asking plenty of questions. We offer a variety of services so reviewing these together helps clients determine what they need. A tour also allows us to visualize what equipment will be needed for our services, types of products to use (for example, green products), and helps create a task list for each facility.

Inspection Templates

We use customized inspection templates for each client. These detailed task lists reflect client preferences for each facility. Having a detailed task list serves as a checklist for our team and sets clear expectations for Joncowest and our client.

Quality Assurance Audits and On-Site Visits

Joncowest has a standard of excellence and we want to ensure that our team and clients receive high-quality services. Our management team performs regular quality audits and on-site visits to ensure client facilities receive the highest level of service.

We use quality assurance metrics to monitor employees. Our Quality Assurance Audits begin with a baseline for measurement purposes. It’s a way to know whether client services are improving, declining, or staying the same. Joncowest’s management created a list of metrics so our employees know what is monitored and how results get rated/weighed. For example, metrics we use to include compliments/complaints/repeats, on-time work order completion rates, safety reports, and total cost of services.
In addition to quality assurance audits for each facility, we use on-site visits to assess the quality of cleaning in specific areas using a quality measurement scorecard. These on-site audits determine whether or not a specific cleaning service needs improvement.

Client Communication

Joncowest seeks regular customer input on the quality of services. We communicate with clients often to make sure we’re meeting their commercial cleaning needs. If you’re a new client, we’ll follow up more often in the beginning to face any gaps regarding communication or expectations. We focus on our client’s cleaning needs, and clients’ business is important to us. Meeting customer needs is our priority and the base of our company.

In addition to communication, we want to make client feedback easy by offering the following:

  • system for using feedback to improve services
  • Joncowest contact for each client (not only for emergencies)
  • track customer requests to ensure timely completion
  • record-keeping system for all inspections and client communications