Author: Joncowest

How to Evaluate Your Commercial Cleaner

As a working professional, your performance gets evaluated once a year, and it doesn’t hurt to do the same for your commercial cleaning service. It’s a good way to pause to evaluate what is working well with your commercial cleaner, and see if there are areas that can be improved.  First, check with your employees […]

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning for Restaurants

A spotless kitchen and facility is necessary for any restaurant business–it can make the restaurant succeed or fail. A reputation for having a dirty restaurant causes less customers and poor reviews. In addition, it’s essential for restaurants to be spotless so that employees and customers are healthy and safe. Restaurants take tons of work and […]

Best Practices for Janitorial Services

You might be curious as to what “best practices” means. Basically, it’s the ideal technique to perform a particular task. The technique becomes the benchmark because its results are superior. This is applicable when it comes to cleaning standards, because there are often cleaning standards to meet, like ISO level 1. So in this post […]

Tips for Hiring Day Porter Services

You might be curious what Day Porter Services include. Generally, Day Porter services work well for facilities that have all day, on-site staff. Day Porters ensure your facility is clean and presentable to everyone at your place of business during business hours (staff, tenants, visitors). You can learn more specifics about this type of service […]

10 Germiest Places at Work

Germs are on our mind these days–especially during cold and flu season. To protect your employees, and help employees protect themselves from germs, we compiled a list of the germiest places at work. Here’s a hint…they’re places that get a lot of traffic.  #1 Door Handles Door handles get a lot of dirty hands, so […]

Ways to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe During Flu Season

With COVID-19 and the flu, keeping your business clean and safe is essential. We compiled some tips to help you keep your employees healthy this winter.  Up the Cleaning Consistent, professional cleaning is essential, and you can even increase the amount of cleanings. In addition, increase cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces. You can […]

Closer Look at Cleaning Data Centers

Ensuring your data centers are clean and contaminant free keeps your data safe, prevents data loss, avoids hardware failures, and prevents costly downtime.  Why Clean Data Centers?  Protecting data is crucial to business because downtime can be costly and catastrophic. Proactively cleaning and maintaining your data center keeps your business running smoothly. Data centers have […]

ISO Level 1 Cleanings

A variety of industries require cleanrooms including biomedical, pharmaceutical, technology and data centers. Cleanliness is so important that there are particular standards rooms need to meet, and failure to meet ISO Level standards has serious consequences, such as fines, pause in operations, and loss of ISO classification. Keep reading to learn more about ISO-level classifications […]

Importance of Cleaning and Sanitizing for Workplace Safety

Everyone’s awareness of cleanliness and sanitation has increased over the past few years. It’s on our mind while we drop kids off at school, run errands, and especially when we go to work as we try to protect ourselves, families, coworkers, and employees. The pandemic has made employers take a closer look at facility cleaning […]