The benefits of maintaining your workspace 

Cleaning workspace

        It’s a busy day at work, your desk is a mess, and your boss is coming by to ask you for that project, what are you going to do? This is every employee’s nightmare. When we don’t have a clear mind, or a clean environment we tend to freak out.  That’s why Jonco is here to assist you with keeping a tidy workspace. It is sometimes highly crucial in a work environment to keep your workspace nice and tidy. According to APUEdge, having a tidy workspace can help you focus on projects more than having a messy desk.  “A messy desk can harm your professional reputation, which is a great motivator to keep it clean and clutter-free.” (Erin, 2014).

      Another blog states that 57% of people admit they feel judged for the cleanliness of their workspace. (Ledger, 2022). Is it better to have a neat desk or a cluttered desk at work is the question. Some people might have a good reputation at work and if they have a messy desk, some people will tend to think of them as unorganized. Whether you have a messy desk or not, the task that is given to you is the most important!