9 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

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    Cleaning bathrooms can sometimes feel like a tough job, whether it’s in a big place or your own home. Toilets can get dirty and have tough stains, and germs and mold can hide in there. No need to worry, we have some clever tips to make bathroom cleaning easy. These tips are handy for both large and upscale bathrooms as well as regular home bathrooms. By using the right methods, you can make bathroom cleaning easier and keep your space clean and fresh with little effort. Whether you’re tackling a crowded public restroom or your own bathroom at home, these cleaning tips will make the task faster and more effective. You’ll have a clean and inviting bathroom without the usual cleaning hassles. Say goodbye to bathroom cleaning troubles with these helpful tips and tricks.

    1. Soap Scum Can Be Removed with Dryer Sheets

    If you have soap scum in your shower or bathtub, here’s a quick and cheap fix: use dryer sheets. These common household products may do amazing things in the bathroom. Just dampen a dryer sheet with a few drops of water and scrape the soap scum away. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly to reveal a clean and shining shower or tub. It’s a straightforward but surprisingly powerful cleaning technique. So, consider the power of everyday items in maintaining the appearance of your bathroom surfaces. Give it a try, and the results will blow you away.

    2. Clean Your Shower with Vinegar

    To clean your shower effectively, heat vinegar in your microwave until it’s hot. Then, spray this warm vinegar on your shower tiles and door. If you find the vinegar’s smell unpleasant, you can improve the scent by adding a tablespoon of dish soap to the vinegar before using it for cleaning. This simple and budget-friendly method will help you maintain a sparkling shower without much hassle.

    3. Cleaning Mildew and Mould with a Brush

    To tackle mildew and surface mold in your bathroom:

    1. Grab a clean dish brush.
    2. Mix six cups of warm water with a quarter cup of bleach to make a powerful mildew-fighting cleanser.
    3. Use the brush to scrub the affected area with this mixture.
    4. Once you’ve thoroughly washed, rinse the area well with water. This straightforward approach will help you eliminate mildew and mold issues and maintain a clean bathroom environment.

    4. Make a Baking Soda Paste to Remove Mould Stains

    Here’s how to make a baking soda paste to remove tough mould stains:

    1.  In a small bowl, mix half a cup of baking soda and a few drops of water to make a thick, spreadable paste.

    2. Directly apply this baking soda paste to the obstinate mould stains in your bathroom. Use a brush or sponge to ensure that the stained areas are evenly covered.

    3. Allow the paste to dry out on the stains for three to four hours, undisturbed. This prolonged contact time will aid in the breakdown and loosening of the mould.

    4. Return to your bathroom after the waiting period and rinse off the baking soda paste. To properly clean and eliminate all remnants of the paste, use water.

    5. Obtain Dental Floss for Difficult-to-Reach Areas

    Dental floss is handy in unexpected ways! It’s not only for your teeth but can also reach tricky spots in your bathroom where dirt likes to hide. A simple but effective trick to keep your bathroom clean and free from hidden dirt. This simple trick can work wonders in keeping your bathroom clean and making sure no dirt goes unnoticed.


    Finally, these basic tips and tricks can help you maintain a clean and fresh bathroom with no effort. You have a number of tools at your disposal for handling different cleaning difficulties, from utilising dryer sheets to prevent soap scum to harnessing the power of vinegar, brushes, baking soda paste, dental floss, and denture tablets. These methods will help you clean a public lavatory or your own bathroom faster and simpler. So, say goodbye to cleaning and hello to a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom.


    Cleaning a bathroom takes around 30 minutes to an hour. It may vary depending on the size and how dirty the bathroom is. If you clean it regularly, it should be quicker. But if it’s been a while, it might take longer to deep clean.

    1. Using Vodka, clean your toilet
    2. Disinfect your toilet brush holder.
    3. Clean your bathroom fan using a can of compressed air.
    4. Lemon and Club Soda are great for cleaning windows and mirrors.
    5. Shine your faucets with baby oil.
    6. Using Cooking Spray, remove a shower of soap scum.

    It would be best if you aimed to clean your bathroom once a week to keep it clean and fresh.

    Use basic home items like baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap to clean your bathroom. These are useful and safe for cleaning a variety of washroom surfaces.

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