4 Important Pieces of Commercial Cleaning Contracts

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Commercial cleaning contracts ensure the facility and the cleaning company are on the same page in terms of services and pricing. It’s a business agreement that outlines all the details so there’s a clear understanding, which helps prevent potential hiccups later. We’ll cover what details to review in a commercial cleaning contract including services, pricing, scope of work, supplies and the fine print.

#1 Types of Services

An important contract piece is the type of service and its specifications. The contract should detail what services the commercial cleaning company will provide and what types of equipment will be used. The details of the cleaning services need to be specified in your contract whether you have janitorial, day porter, cleanroom, data center cleaning or facility maintenance services. 

For example, if you’re signing a contract for day porter services, the contract should include the specific areas for maintenance and types of spot cleaning. 

#2 Scope of Work and Supplies

The commercial cleaning company does a walk through of the facility during the bidding process and captures the following details to help create the estimate and contract.

  • Frequency of cleaning (once a week, three times a week, five times a week) and a schedule
  • Overall square feet of the facility
  • Types of floor surfaces and square footage of each (carpet, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile)
  • Types of rooms in the facility–general office, break room, restrooms, etc. Information should also note the number of toilets/stalls and fixtures in each restroom, as well as the types of restroom supplies preferred.
  • Any special considerations, such as heavy traffic areas, elevators, special requests, etc.
  • Setup of furniture in the facility. For example, is it tight with a lot of furniture, offices, and partitions, or is it more wide open.
  • Details about the specific services for the facility and frequency of each. This can be a task list. For example, some buildings may need dusting done more frequently than others.
  • Specifications regarding who is responsible for supplies–either the commercial cleaner or the client (trash bags, restroom supplies, etc.)

#3 Pricing

Several factors impact the pricing including square footage and types of services required. Make sure the pricing information is detailed and captures everything you need. Review how and when you will be billed (payment due dates, preferred payment methods, how you’ll be billed). 

#4 The Fine Print

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Review the length of the contract, how to renew it and how to cancel the contract if needed. If there’s information about how to dispute an issue, review that information as well. These details can help you and the commercial cleaning business. For example, who should you contact if you have an issue. 

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