Best Practices for Facility Maintenance

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Facility maintenance ensures your company’s property is in tip-top shape so you can focus on leading your business. Facility maintenance encompasses a variety of services. Here is a sampling of some facility maintenance responsibilities:

Hard services include maintenance of the building itself. Depending on the type of building, this can include a wide range of maintenance services to meet your needs, such as:

  • HVAC (heating and cooling)
  • Plumbing and plumbing fixtures
  • Lighting and electrical systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Emergency control (sprinklers)
  • Landscaping and property upkeep
  • Trash and recycling
  • Painting and exterior upkeep
  • Facility improvements

Soft services focus on improving the well-being of the people working within each facility. These services help employees feel more comfortable at work. This type of soft service tasks vary from facility to facility, but can include:

  • Beverage and food restocking
  • Catering
  • Mail management
  • Building security
  • Cleaning
  • Office decor or moving

Facility Maintenance on Your Own

If you plan to maintain your facility on your own, here are some ways to do it more effectively and efficiently.

 Automate What You Can

If you have a facility manager, automating processes like facility lighting and HVAC systems can increase efficiency. For example, HVAC schedules can connect directly to your building automation system to allow you to control heating and cooling settings based on facility occupancy leading to better energy usage. Additionally, automatic lighting can help improve facility energy efficiency, which saves organizations money. Another way to streamline processes is implementing electronic work orders. Less paperwork means a more productive and efficient team.

Create a Workflow for Your Facility

Each facility is unique, so they each operate differently. You and the facility manager need to determine the top priority. For example, focusing on preventative maintenance or a special project. Regardless of your focus, your workflow needs to be flexible and customized to your facility’s needs. Customized facility management workflows help facility managers capture, track, and report on all crucial details surrounding their processes. This provides your manager the tools needed for operational success.

Establish a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Creating a facility maintenance plan allows your facility to run efficiently and cuts maintenance costs. Preventative maintenance lets you extend the life of your equipment, reduce downtime, keep an organized calendar for all preventative maintenance tasks, and cut down on reactive maintenance costs.

Need Help with Facility Maintenance? 

Whether it’s big or small, Joncowest can help with all your maintenance tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

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