What Do Our Office Cleaning Services Include?

Commercial Office Cleaning Services
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    Office cleaning services are imperative now more than ever as CDC has issued guidelines to address issues related to the pandemic. As such, strict compliance according to local and state agencies is enforced and commercial cleaning is best left to experts.

    What are commercial cleaning services?

    What are commercial cleaning services?

    What do office cleaning services include?

    Office cleaning service is even more crucial than ever. The pandemic has brought to everyone’s consciousness how easy it is to transmit germs from surface to surface. The coronavirus alone stays on surfaces anywhere from 2 hours to 11 days.

    1) Floor Cleaning

    Floor Cleaning

    Commercial cleaning companies use skilled experts who know how to use the best methods for cleaning effectively. These experts know how to make things super clean. They have experience handling different spaces, surfaces and cleaning challenges. Hiring experts ensures that your property receives thorough and reliable cleaning.

    2) Furniture Cleaning & Set-up

    Furniture Cleaning & Set-up

    3) Window and door cleaning

    Window and door cleaning

    4) Sanitation

    commercial clener

    Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

    Expert Cleaning and Sanitation

    Employing a commercial cleaning service may benefit a business in a number of ways, including enhancing health and safety, raising productivity, improving the look and feel of the establishment, and saving money. A germ- and disease-free workplace can cut down on sick days and increase staff productivity by preventing the spread of diseases.

    Employees that work in a tidy environment tend to be more relaxed and creative, which enables them to produce their best work. A tidy office can also leave a positive first impression on clients and guests, which will benefit the company’s reputation. Additionally, you can save money on cleaning supplies, equipment, and employee sick days when you hire a commercial cleaning company to handle your cleaning. Additionally, commercial cleaning services can be modified to meet a company’s demands and objectives. This enables firms to select services that are tailored to their unique requirements.

    JoncoWest is one of the most experienced companies that offer commercial office cleaning services at the best prices with maximum effectiveness. We have a team of professionals who ensure that you get industry-standard outputs. With various and the latest cleaning equipment and products, we always make your place clean, tidy, and germ-free. Give us a call now for cleaning and sanitation services.


    Office cleaning means making the office neat and clean. This includes cleaning the floors, desks, and bathrooms, removing garbage, and making sure everything is neat and germ-free. It contributes to the office staying an excellent place to work.

    • Reliability
    • Knowledge
    • Facilities 
    • Quality assurance
    • Adaptability
    • Expenses 
    • Insurance coverage
    • Eco-friendliness
    • Get cleaning supplies like sprays and clothes.
    • Clear away stuff on surfaces.
    • Dust and wipe things clean.
    • Vacuum carpets and mop floors.
    • Clean computer screens and keyboards.
    • Empty trash bins.
    • Make doorknobs and shared areas germ-free.
    • Clean bathrooms, like sinks and toilets.
    • Put things back in their spots and make sure the office smells nice.

    How often we clean office buildings depends on what you prefer. Most clients choose a weekly cleaning, but we can also do it every day or every two weeks to suit your needs and schedule.

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