Month: January 2021

Long-Term Commercial Cleaning: No Longer Optional

A clean office with a long term contract with commercial cleaners

A lot of foot traffic, movement, and exposure happens within offices. Whether these offices are within medical buildings, schools, or other businesses, all of them require extra attention. There’s no way around long term commercial cleaning.

Offices tend to be a space of congregation and foot traffic. This makes it a prime place for germs, dirt, and other pollutants. In turn this also makes it a hotbed for illness and the like. It seems to be an unavoidable truth. However, with commercial cleaning, this can actually be minimized.

What Does Long Term Commercial Cleaning Look Like?

Commercially cleaned office space
Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Joncowest is a leader in long term commercial cleaning. They provide a tailor made schedule for each businesses particular needs. Instead of just getting commercial cleaning during busy months or cold and flu season, Jonco allows businesses and offices to create a customizable schedule that takes into consideration foot traffic, number of people, seasonal changes, etc.

Long term cleaning looks like a flexible schedule that works with the businesses’ needs. For instance, a medical office might need more frequent cleaning around holidays and less during the springtime. This moving schedule allows each space to really get what they need. In addition, long term contracts usually are a better deal than one off jobs here and there.

Moreover, with frequent check ins there is a lot of control and communication. This is a long term partnership that benefits both parties and keeps the safe itself up to code, clean, and safe. While starting can seem very intimidating, it something that is very easy and can be affordable.