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How to get cleaning contracts with offices?

In order for your office cleaning enterprise to keep growing, you need to know how to reel in customers within your niche. By knowing how to get customers in your cleaning business helps to guarantee work, keeps your cleaning business financially stable and create more opportunities for the development of your office cleaning business. Getting office […]

How Much Should You Tip a Housekeeper, if at all

How much should you tip your housekeeper? Sometimes tipping a housekeeper can be tricky, we have known all throughout history up until the 19th century, having a housekeeper and housemaids was a common practice for most upper- or middle-class citizens, or so it seems. states Babylonians first started using housekeepers around 2800 BCE. Little […]

Importance of maintaining a neat workspace

Our services range from warehouses to new office spaces. Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work when you have a messy workspace? Or your anxiety rising up when your boss notices that you have a messy desk. Some people are different when it comes to their workspace       One of the most important aspects of having […]

How To Prepare Your Warehouse For Our Cleaning Crew

Warehouse cleaning can be an overwhelming task. If not manufactured regularly, warehouses can generally become messy and unorganized. An article “Best practices to keep your warehouse clean” states that by having a clean warehouse it can boost productivity and regular job satisfaction.         According to CyzergWarehouseTechnthe list some of the best practices to keep your warehouse […]