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5 TikTok Cleaning Hacks

TikTok houses plenty of content, but you might not think to look there for cleaning hacks. If you’re intrigued and love cleaning tips for your facility or at home, keep reading for some of the best cleaning hacks we spotted on TikTok. Give them a try and see if they work as well as people claim.

Scrub Couches with the Lid to a Pot

This sounds made up but people say it works to remove spots from your couch. Boil some water and drop in a laundry pod. Then wrap a saucepan lid with a cloth, then carefully dip it in the bowl of boiling water. Hold onto the lid handle and scrub it all over your couch. It’s a cost-efficient way to make all of those dark spots disappear.

Use Foil in your Dishwasher to Get Shiny Silverware

If you add a ball of aluminum foil to your dishwasher’s cutlery basket before you run it, your silverware will come out shinier. During the wash cycle, the foil oxidizes the soap detergents and causes an ion exchange, making the soap work better. Basically, the reaction between the foil and soap lifts tarnish.

Place Toilet Gels on the Inside of Trash Can Lids

We’ve all opened a trash can to smell something awful. This handy TikTok hack says to place toilet gels inside the lid of the trash can to keep it smelling fresh. Just like the toilet gel deodorizer keeps your toilet fresh and clean, it can help with the odor from your trash can as well.

Brighten Your White Tennis Shoes

If you have some shoe soles that used to look white but have yellowed over time, there’s a hack to brighten them. Look online or at beauty supply stores for Salon Care 40 Volume Creme. It’s a product with hydrogen peroxide that will help brighten your soles. Paint the product on only the soles of the shoes and don’t get any on the upper part of the shoe. If you do, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. You’ll want to do a few coats of the product if your soles are super yellow. Wrap the soles in plastic and set your shoes in the sun to cure for a bit depending on how much you need to lighten them. Rinse off the product with a damp towel and let them dry.

Clean Your Air Fryer by Running it with Soap and Water

Air fryers are such a handy kitchen appliance, but cleaning them is a pain. You can run your air fryer with some water and dish soap. Fill the basket with water and a few drops of dish soap. Set the air fryer for three minutes at 390. Once it’s done, dump the soapy water down the drain. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require any scrubbing!

Will you give some of these hacks a try? They’ll allow you to clean more efficiently! If you want some cleaning help, please reach out.  We’re always available!


What’s Involved in Airbnb or Vrbo cleaning? 

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    Cleaning an Airbnb or Vrbo is different from regular house cleaning; it’s a meticulous turnover process. Perfection is key to guest happiness. We’ve all experienced less-than-ideal stays due to grime and leftover mess from previous guests.

    To maintain a top-notch guest experience, we’ll go through every room’s cleaning checklist to ensure your place looks impeccable, leaving your guests delighted with their stay.

    Bathroom: -

    In the bathroom, follow these easy steps:

    Bedroom: -

    For bedrooms, here’s a simple routine:
    This keeps the bedroom fresh and inviting for your guests.

    Kitchen: -

    To maintain a guest-ready kitchen, follow these straightforward steps:
    A clean kitchen elevates your guests’ experience.

    Laundry Room/Utility Room

    By following these steps, you create a welcoming and well-prepared laundry area for your guests.

    Living/Family Room

    These additional steps maintain a comfortable and inviting living space for your guests.

    Check Restock Items

    Following these steps helps keep your space well-prepared for guests in an easy-to-understand manner.

    Final Check

    These steps ensure your guests have a pleasant and trouble-free experience during their stay.

    Exterior of Property

    These steps ensure a welcoming and well-maintained outdoor space for your guests.


    The cleaning rules for Airbnb are simple and crucial for guest satisfaction:

    1. Clean the property thoroughly between guests.
    2. Sanitize high-touch areas and provide fresh linens and essential amenities for each guest.
    3. Ventilate during cleaning, inspect for damage, and restock supplies to ensure a safe and comfortable stay.

    Airbnb cleaners have a straightforward role:

    Cleaning the whole property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and common spaces. Replacing bed linens and towels, disinfecting surfaces, restocking supplies, and confirming that everything is in proper condition for the next guest’s visit. Their aim is to maintain a clean and inviting space for Airbnb guests. Their purpose is to keep Airbnb guests in a clean and friendly atmosphere.

    Airbnb doesn’t offer daily cleaning as a standard service. Guests are usually responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the property during their stay. However, some hosts may offer optional daily cleaning for an extra charge.

    The cleaning time for an Airbnb varies based on its size and condition, typically ranging from 1 to 3 hours.

    9 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

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      Cleaning bathrooms can sometimes feel like a tough job, whether it’s in a big place or your own home. Toilets can get dirty and have tough stains, and germs and mold can hide in there. No need to worry, we have some clever tips to make bathroom cleaning easy. These tips are handy for both large and upscale bathrooms as well as regular home bathrooms. By using the right methods, you can make bathroom cleaning easier and keep your space clean and fresh with little effort. Whether you’re tackling a crowded public restroom or your own bathroom at home, these cleaning tips will make the task faster and more effective. You’ll have a clean and inviting bathroom without the usual cleaning hassles. Say goodbye to bathroom cleaning troubles with these helpful tips and tricks.

      1. Soap Scum Can Be Removed with Dryer Sheets

      If you have soap scum in your shower or bathtub, here’s a quick and cheap fix: use dryer sheets. These common household products may do amazing things in the bathroom. Just dampen a dryer sheet with a few drops of water and scrape the soap scum away. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly to reveal a clean and shining shower or tub. It’s a straightforward but surprisingly powerful cleaning technique. So, consider the power of everyday items in maintaining the appearance of your bathroom surfaces. Give it a try, and the results will blow you away.

      2. Clean Your Shower with Vinegar

      To clean your shower effectively, heat vinegar in your microwave until it’s hot. Then, spray this warm vinegar on your shower tiles and door. If you find the vinegar’s smell unpleasant, you can improve the scent by adding a tablespoon of dish soap to the vinegar before using it for cleaning. This simple and budget-friendly method will help you maintain a sparkling shower without much hassle.

      3. Cleaning Mildew and Mould with a Brush

      To tackle mildew and surface mold in your bathroom:

      1. Grab a clean dish brush.
      2. Mix six cups of warm water with a quarter cup of bleach to make a powerful mildew-fighting cleanser.
      3. Use the brush to scrub the affected area with this mixture.
      4. Once you’ve thoroughly washed, rinse the area well with water. This straightforward approach will help you eliminate mildew and mold issues and maintain a clean bathroom environment.

      4. Make a Baking Soda Paste to Remove Mould Stains

      Here’s how to make a baking soda paste to remove tough mould stains:

      1.  In a small bowl, mix half a cup of baking soda and a few drops of water to make a thick, spreadable paste.

      2. Directly apply this baking soda paste to the obstinate mould stains in your bathroom. Use a brush or sponge to ensure that the stained areas are evenly covered.

      3. Allow the paste to dry out on the stains for three to four hours, undisturbed. This prolonged contact time will aid in the breakdown and loosening of the mould.

      4. Return to your bathroom after the waiting period and rinse off the baking soda paste. To properly clean and eliminate all remnants of the paste, use water.

      5. Obtain Dental Floss for Difficult-to-Reach Areas

      Dental floss is handy in unexpected ways! It’s not only for your teeth but can also reach tricky spots in your bathroom where dirt likes to hide. A simple but effective trick to keep your bathroom clean and free from hidden dirt. This simple trick can work wonders in keeping your bathroom clean and making sure no dirt goes unnoticed.


      Finally, these basic tips and tricks can help you maintain a clean and fresh bathroom with no effort. You have a number of tools at your disposal for handling different cleaning difficulties, from utilising dryer sheets to prevent soap scum to harnessing the power of vinegar, brushes, baking soda paste, dental floss, and denture tablets. These methods will help you clean a public lavatory or your own bathroom faster and simpler. So, say goodbye to cleaning and hello to a cleaner, more comfortable bathroom.


      Cleaning a bathroom takes around 30 minutes to an hour. It may vary depending on the size and how dirty the bathroom is. If you clean it regularly, it should be quicker. But if it’s been a while, it might take longer to deep clean.

      1. Using Vodka, clean your toilet
      2. Disinfect your toilet brush holder.
      3. Clean your bathroom fan using a can of compressed air.
      4. Lemon and Club Soda are great for cleaning windows and mirrors.
      5. Shine your faucets with baby oil.
      6. Using Cooking Spray, remove a shower of soap scum.

      It would be best if you aimed to clean your bathroom once a week to keep it clean and fresh.

      Use basic home items like baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap to clean your bathroom. These are useful and safe for cleaning a variety of washroom surfaces.

      4 Signs that You Need to Hire Commercial Cleaners

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        Bringing professional commercial cleaners for your office can be a big choice. If you’re a business owner who’s been thinking about it, we’re here to guide you!
        Hiring a Commercial cleaner offers several advantages. They can work around your schedule, create a cleaning plan that suits your needs, save time and money, and make a positive impression on your visitors. Beyond these benefits, commercial cleaning companies are crucial in keeping your workplace germ-free and ensuring it looks clean.

        If you’re still unsure, here are four signs that it’s a good idea to Hire Commercial Cleaners.

        Noticeable Dirt:

        Sometimes, the janitors on your regular staff may need the right tools or enough time to clean your place as well as it should. If you often see dirt or messiness in your workplace, it’s a clear sign that you must bring in a commercial cleaner. These professionals have all the fancy cleaning equipment, top-notch cleaning supplies, and plenty of skilled workers to ensure your place stays spotless so you don’t see any visible dirt or mess around.When you hire commercial cleaners, you can count on them to handle the nitty-gritty cleaning tasks that might be missed. This means your workspace will look cleaner and be a healthier and more pleasant place for everyone.

        Sick Employees:

        The people who work for your company are very important. They do important tasks to keep everything going smoothly. When employees get sick, it can be a problem for your business. It costs money because they can’t work and can make others unhappy too.

        But hiring a commercial cleaner can help a lot. When your workplace is really clean and free of germs, it can make a big difference. While we can’t stop all illnesses, having a clean and germ-free place can help.

        Commercial cleaners are cleaning experts. They know how to make your place clean and ready for your employees and clients. So, it’s good for everyone – your employees stay healthier, and your business runs better. Moreover, it saves you money because healthy employees mean less time off work and more work getting done.

        Too Little Time:

        Everyone has the same number of hours daily. If you’re busy growing your business and running out of time, it’s a clear sign that you should bring in a commercial cleaner. Spending your precious time on your business instead of cleaning is smarter. You might only have a little extra time to do things others can do for you.

        Getting a commercial cleaner helps you have more time for important things like growing your business. It’s like having a cleaning expert handle the dirty work while you manage the more crucial aspects of your business. This way, you can use your time more and make your business even more successful.

        Lower Productivity and Less Focus on Doing Well:

        How clean your workplace is can affect how well your workers do their jobs. A clean place makes it easier for them to stay excited and do their tasks well. But if it’s messy, it can make them feel stressed, distracted, and uncomfortable. Some offices need a dedicated cleaning team, and employees may not clean regularly. That’s where professional office cleaners come in. They help business owners like you manage the cleanliness of the space.

        When you hire office cleaners, your employees don’t have to stop working to clean up.There’s a saying that people work as well as they’re expected to. Suppose you’re in charge at work; how clean the place is shows what you expect from your employees. So, having a clean workplace makes them happier and shows that you expect excellence.

        Bad Reviews from Customers:

        If you have clients visiting your place, having a clean facility is super important. You want to make your clients happy and satisfy them so they keep coming back (and tell others about your business).But if your clients see that your place is dirty, messy, and unprofessional, they might start saying bad things about it. Unhappy customers can spread negative feedback to others. They might talk badly about your company or leave bad reviews online. All this negative feedback can harm your company’s reputation.

        So, what’s the decision? Have you realized that you need to hire a commercial cleaner? If you do, you can reach out to JoncoWest; they’ll be happy to help!


        Here are the qualities of a good commercial cleaner in simple bullet points:

        1. Reliable
        2. Detail-oriented.
        3. Hardworking
        4. Trustworthy
        5. Know cleaning products
        6. Safety conscious.
        7. Good communicator
        8. Adaptable
        9. Physically fit
        10. Punctual

        You should hire professionals to clean your office because they know how to clean properly, have the necessary tools, and save you time. It makes your workplace a pleasant and healthy environment for everyone.

        You should hire a cleaner like me because we are good at cleaning and can make your place look nice and tidy. We save you time and make your life easier by taking care of the cleaning tasks for you.

        From your cleaner, in a 2-hour cleaning session, you can expect:

        1. Folding laundry.
        2. Mopping the floors.
        3. Wiping down kitchen surfaces.
        4. Doing some basic vacuuming.
        5. Emptying the trash bins.
        6. Cleaning the toilet.
        1. They’ll help make your place cleaner and more organized during this time.

        When choosing a cleaner, whether from an agency or privately, ask these questions:

        1. What do you charge per hour?
        2. How long have you been cleaning for? 
        3. How many consumers do you have? 
        4. What cleaning tasks do you usually handle for homes or businesses?
        5. Are there any cleaning tasks you won’t do?

        Fall Cleaning Tips

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          Fall cleaning is equally essential as spring cleaning! As the leaves change colors and the air gets a bit cooler, it’s a great time to prepare your home or space for autumn. This blog shares some easy and practical fall cleaning tips to help prepare your living space for the cozy months ahead. Whether it’s getting rid of summer dust, organizing your warm clothes, or prepping for holiday gatherings, these tips will make your fall cleaning routine a breeze.

          So, let’s dive in and make your space feel fresh, comfortable, and ready to embrace the beauty of fall!

          Appliances and cabinets for the breakroom

          It’s a good time to clean your break room stuff in the fall, like the microwave and fridge. Clean the microwave by scrubbing off any leftover food. Empty the refrigerator, clean the shelves and bins, and check for old or expired items. If you find any, tell your coworkers before you throw them away. When you put things back in the fridge, make it neat. Remember to clean the counters, even small machines like toasters.

          Let’s move on to the cabinets. First, empty them so that you may clean the shelves.You can also put new liners on the shelves. When you’re putting stuff back in, try to organize it nicely. This will make your break room clean and tidy for the upcoming season!


          Before the weather gets colder, clean your facility’s windows inside and out. This is the right time to do it before it’s too hard. Having very clean windows is important because it lets lots of sunlight into your space, making it brighter and nicer. So, clean your windows well before the chilly weather comes. It will make your facility look better and let more light in.


          When the seasons change, it’s a good time to clean up. When the seasons change, it’s a wonderful opportunity to organize your workspace. Decluttering involves getting rid of objects you no longer require. Because there is less clutter, having fewer items in your office might make it feel less stressful and orderly.

          Look through storage areas, cupboards, and office space for items you can donate or give away. We sometimes accumulate stuff that we no longer use over time that someone else could find beneficial. Decluttering the workplace generates more space and a calmer attitude, making it a better place for everyone. It’s also a good way to give back to others by sharing things you no longer require.

          Arrange the closets

          Let’s get our closets ready for fall. Examine your own and your children’s closets. Find clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit. Put these clothes in a pile to be given to others.

          It’s time to change your clothes. Put away your summer clothes and dig out your warm winter coats and sweaters. This helps you prepare for the winter months while keeping your closets clean. It’s a simple method to have the correct fall outfits while assisting others with unused clothes.

          Deep Cleaning

          In the fall, doing extra thorough cleaning in your facility is a good idea. Here are a few things you can do:


          These deep-cleaning tasks help keep your facility looking its best and create a healthier and more pleasant environment for everyone.

          Please let us know if you need assistance with fall cleaning or any other cleaning services for your home. We undertake various cleaning jobs and are happy to help you and answer any queries. You can easily contact us, and we would be glad to assist you in keeping your space clean and neat.


          Sure, here’s how to do fall cleaning
          •  Declutter: Start by getting rid of things you don’t need.
          • Dust: Dust surfaces like shelves, tables, and electronics.
          • Vacuum: Vacuum carpets and rugs.
          • Sweep and mop: Sweep and mop hard floors.
          • Wash windows: Clean windows to let in more light.
          • Clean appliances: Wipe down appliances in the kitchen

          In fall cleaning, first, remove extra stuff, then dust surfaces and vacuum carpets. Mop hard floors and clean windows for more light. Tidy the kitchen, check filters, fix problems, change bedding for warmth, and add cozy fall decorations for a comfy feeling.

          • Get Cleaning Supplies: Gather cleaning products, a broom, a mop, and a vacuum.
          • Declutter: Put away things that are out of place.
          • Dust: Wipe surfaces like tables and electronics.
          • Vacuum: Clean carpets and rugs with a vacuum cleaner.
          • Sweep and Mop: For hard floors, sweep and then mop with soapy water.
          • Kitchen: Wipe down countertops, appliances, and the sink.
          • Bathroom: Clean the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower.
          • Windows: Wash windows to make them clean and shiny.
          • Trash: Empty trash bins and put in new bags.

          It’s usually a good idea to clean the top parts first and work your way down. Start with things like ceilings and high shelves, then clean lower areas like tables and floors. This way, any dust or dirt that falls gets cleaned up later.

          5 Tips When Cleaning Your Windows

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            Windows gets dirty as time goes by. They collect lots of dirt and yucky stuff. The change is amazing whether you clean them or get a professional to do it. When your windows are super clean, your office becomes bright.

            This post will provide simple ways to make your windows shine like new. After these changes, you’ll be surprised at how much more pleasant the workspace looks and feels.

            Let’s learn these window-cleaning tricks to make your office nicer and brighter.

            1. Getting Your Windows Ready

            Getting Your Windows Ready

            Before you start cleaning, it’s important to prepare your windows properly. This helps prevent any harm to your blinds, curtains, and windowsills.

            Here’s a simple step:

            2. Cleaning the Inside of the Windows

            2. Cleaning the Inside of the Windows
            Now, let’s clean the windows from the inside:

            3. Stay away from streaks

            3. Stay away from streaks

            To prevent streaks on your windows, pay close attention to how you dry them. Like drying, begin at the top and move down so water doesn’t create streaks. 

            Here are some extra tips to avoid streaks:

            4. How to Clean the Outside Windows

            4. How to Clean the Outside Windows

            Cleaning the outside windows might not be necessary at your workplace, but it’s easier. Instead of wiping each glass window, use a garden spray.

            Here’s how to do it:

            5. Cleaning Window Screens

            5. Cleaning Window Screens

            Cleaning window screens is important to keep your home clean from dust and pollen when the windows are open. 

            Here’s how to do it:

            Choose the Right tools:

            To make your windows clean and streak-free, it’s important to have the right tools. A window-washing tool called a squeegee with a smooth rubber edge works well. It removes water and cleaning solution without leaving streaks. If you don’t have one, a coffee filter is sufficient. For cleaning windows, coffee filters are superior to paper towels or newspapers, and they are inexpensive.

            Remove Mildew:

            If you see black spots on your wooden window frames, you can remove them. Mix bleach, laundry detergent, and water. Use a sponge to put this mixture on the black spots. Wait about ten minutes. After that, rinse it with water. Remember to protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves. Take care not to get any of the mixture on your clothes or the floor.This will help your window frames look clean and nice again.

            Get rid of commercial window cleaners.

            You can save money by not buying expensive window cleaners, which often contain basic ingredients like food coloring, soap, and water. Instead, make your own effective cleaning solution at home using items you already have. Just mix a quart of water with a few drops of dish soap. It’s simple and budget-friendly. It works well and saves money. These homemade cleaning solutions perform just as well as store-bought alternatives while being less expensive.


            Are you ready to clean and shine your windows? If you need help with your windows, you can call us or find us online. We’re here to assist you.. We’ll gladly clean your windows while we clean your property.


            Window cleaning prices in the United States change based on where you are and how big your windows are. Typically, for an average-sized home, it costs around $150 to $30You can get an exact price by requesting quotes from window cleaning services in your area. Get quotes from window cleaning services in your area to get an accurate price.

            Cleaning your windows should happen around two times a year, mainly during spring and fall. However, if you live in a place with a lot of dirt or near the sea where there’s salty air, you might need to clean them more often, like every three months or even once a month, to keep them looking good.

            Window cleaners typically use a solution made from water and a small amount of dish soap or vinegar to clean the glass. They also use tools like squeegees and soft brushes to scrub and remove dirt and grime from the windows. Sometimes, they may use specialized commercial window cleaning solutions for tougher stains.

            Cleaning Tips from the Professional Commercial Cleaners

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              Professional commercial cleaners are like cleaning wizards, with some fantastic tricks to share. These secrets aren’t just for them; they can help you save time, make better choices with your cleaning tools, and even add a touch of creativity to your spot-cleaning routine. If you’re eager to boost your cleaning game, keep reading!

              Imagine having the power to clean faster and more effectively. Picture selecting the perfect tools for any mess you encounter, making your cleaning tasks a breeze. Plus, think about how fun it would be to discover inventive ways to tackle those tough spots in your facility. It’s all possible with the wisdom of these cleaning experts.

              In the following tips and tricks, you’ll uncover the hidden gems of professional cleaning. These insights from professional commercial cleaners will simplify your cleaning routine and leave your workspace sparkling clean and impressive. So, let’s dive in and unveil the secrets that can transform you into a cleaning pro!

              1. Expand the Life of Your Carpet

              Expand the Life of Your Carpet

               There are two important things to do: To extend the carpet’s life for a long time,

              1. Regular Vacuuming:

              Use a vacuum cleaner regularly to keep your carpet clean and lasting longer. For places where many people walk, such as doorways and areas with mats, vacuum every day. In quieter places like hallways with less activity, spaces near desks, and big open areas, vacuum 2-3 times a week. This removes the dirt and dust that can hide in your carpet.

              2. Professional Cleaning:

              It’s a good plan to bring professionals to clean your carpet once a year. They have special tools and knowledge to clean your carpet well. They can eliminate all the hidden dirt, dust, and grime that regular vacuuming can’t reach. This keeps your carpet looking nice and helps it stay in good shape for a longer time.

              Doing these simple things can keep your carpet in good condition.

              2. Purchase Some Microfiber Cloths

              2. Purchase Some Microfiber Cloths

              According to professional commercial cleaners you should get some microfiber clothing if you still need to get some. These garments are wonderful for cleaning because they can make things clean and glossy. They can clean mirrors, countertops, tiles, and lighting.

              Here’s how: To begin, soak the cloth and use it to clean the desired surface. It will remove grime and smudges. When the surface is dry, use another clean, dry microfiber cloth to make it even more pure and shinier.

              So, if you want your belongings to look exceptionally clean and glossy, these garments are an excellent choice for cleaning.

              3. Clean Cobwebs

              Look up from time to time while working. Don't be concerned if you notice spiderwebs in the corners of the room.You can take a cloth and softly remove them. But if these spiderwebs are too high or in tricky spots, there's a trick. You can attach the fabric to a broomstick. This way, you can reach those high and difficult places. Cleaning away the spiderwebs is simple and quick. Doing this makes your workspace cleaner and more pleasant for everyone. Plus, it helps keep your environment looking neat and tidy. So, remember to glance up and give those cobwebs a gentle swipe when needed.

              Look up from time to time while working. Don’t be concerned if you notice spiderwebs in the corners of the room.You can take a cloth and softly remove them. But if these spiderwebs are too high or in tricky spots, there’s a trick. You can attach the fabric to a broomstick. This way, you can reach those high and difficult places.

              Cleaning away the spiderwebs is simple and quick as per professional commercial cleaners. Doing this makes your workspace cleaner and more pleasant for everyone. Plus, it helps keep your environment looking neat and tidy. So, remember to glance up and give those cobwebs a gentle swipe when needed.

              4. Fuzz and Pet hair are Easily Removed Using Duct Tape

              4. Fuzz and Pet hair are Easily Removed Using Duct Tape

              Duct tape can be a super helpful tool! Nowadays, many offices allow pets, which means dealing with pet hair. Duct tape is incredibly sticky, perfect for removing pet hair or fuzz on office chairs. It’s more efficient than using a vacuum to remove pet hair.

              Here's how to use it:

              5. Spot Removal

              5. Spot Removal

              To prevent stains, cleaning up spills right away is better than waiting. There are handy stain pens and bleach pens that can quickly remove small stains from things like clothes, furniture, and grout. Just be very careful not to use bleach on colorful fabrics or surfaces, and test a small, hidden area first to ensure no problems arise. This way, you can keep your items clean and stain-free.

              6. Cabinets

              6. Cabinets

              Cleaning your breakroom cabinets is essential since they might become filthy. Here’s an easy method to accomplish it:

              Cleaning your breakroom cabinets is essential since they might become filthy. Here’s an easy method to accomplish it:


              To do professional cleaning, start by gathering the right cleaning supplies and tools. Follow a systematic approach, cleaning from top to bottom and left to right, to ensure you don’t miss any areas. Pay attention to detail, use appropriate cleaning products for each surface, and maintain good posture to avoid strain.

              A professional cleaner must clean things very well, not miss any spots, and work fast. They should use the right cleaning methods, stay safe, and always be on time. Being nice to customers and talking well is also important.

              Professional cleaning in the United States costs between $50 to $150 for a standard home cleaning.

              • Dust everything, like furniture and shelves.
              • Clean windowsills and blinds.
              • Dust lights and fans.
              • Wipe doorframes and doors.
              • Get rid of cobwebs in corners.
              • Organize shoe closets.

              Vacuum all floors and carpets

              6 Cleaning Mistakes that Aren’t Good for Your Office

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                A clean and tidy office is essential because it helps people work better and stay healthy. However, when cleaning their offices, people can make mistakes that worsen the situation. We’ll go over six of them in this article so you can keep your office clean and safe.

                1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Tools

                Using the Right Cleaning Tools Different things in your office need various cleaning tools and products. If you use the wrong ones or too much, it can be not good. It might not clean well, or it could even damage things. The best thing is to let professional office cleaners handle it. However, there may be occasions when you must clean on your own. If you’re not sure, asking experts is okay. Don’t overlook the product label; it explains what, how much, and how to use it effectively. You’ll clean things correctly and keep your office safe and tidy this way.

                2. Dry Dusting

                Dry dusting is generally acceptable, but a damp cloth, particularly one made of microfiber, is sometimes preferred. When there is a lot of dust or dust mixed with oily stuff, a slightly damp cloth is more effective. It picks up dirt well, whereas dry dusting spreads dirt around without actually cleaning it up. So, for really dusty or oily spots, a damp cloth is the way to go!

                3. Scrubbing the Carpet

                When you spill something on the carpet, don’t scrub it vigorously. Scrubbing can damage the carpet fibers, and it might not go back to looking nice. Instead, blot the spill with paper towels to absorb the liquid. Then, using a carpet cleaner, blot it again after a few minutes. Repeat the procedure if the stain persists. Just remember not to let the stain soak into the carpet, and your carpet should remain in good condition.

                4. Only clean the visible areas

                Cleaning only the visible areas of your office is not a good idea. You must be careful when cleaning an office. Dust and dirt can hide under tables, furniture, and blinds. If not cleaned, harmful bacteria and viruses can grow and make people sick. So, it’s crucial to clean all the hidden areas in your office regularly, even if you can’t see them right away. Professional cleaners will know, but it’s good to remind them. It keeps everyone in your office healthy.

                5. Vacuuming Too Infrequently

                Using a vacuum at work? Remember to empty it after each use, or it won’t clean well due to dirt clogging. It might even break because it has to work too hard. Leaving dirt inside for a long time can make it really tough to clean later. It’s a good idea to empty the vacuum every time you use it. This way, your vacuum stays in good shape, and your office remains clean!

                6. Not emptying the garbage can on a daily basis

                Emptying the office trash bin every day might seem like a waste, but it’s crucial. Old trash can start to stink and make people feel bad or sick. So, to keep everyone healthy and happy, empty the office trash can at the end of the day. Put a new bag in and add baking soda to stop bad smells. Hiring a professional cleaner is great, but knowing these cleaning mistakes can save time and frustration if you have to clean up yourself.

                To sum it up, making sure your office stays clean is vital for everyone’s health and happiness. Don’t forget to avoid simple cleaning mistakes like using the right tools, cleaning hidden spots, and regularly emptying the vacuum and trash. These small efforts can make a big difference in keeping your office a nice place to work.


                Here are common cleaning mistakes:

                • Not cleaning regularly
                • Using the wrong cleaning products
                • Ignoring hidden or hard-to-reach spots
                • Scrubbing too hard, causing damage
                • Not emptying the vacuum or trash regularly
                • Only cleaning what you can see, missing hidden dirt

                          To make your office cleaning better:

                1. Clean regularly: Do cleaning tasks daily, weekly, and monthly.
                2. Use the right tools: Use the correct cleaning products and tools for different surfaces.
                3. Remember hidden spots: Clean hidden areas like under furniture and behind things.
                4. Empty the vacuum and trash: Regularly empty the vacuum and trash to keep things clean and odor-free.
                5. Keep things organized: Encourage everyone to keep their workspaces clutter-free for easier cleaning.

                Sometimes, we need to remember to clean hidden places in the office, like under desks or behind furniture. These spots can collect dust and dirt. High-touch areas like doorknobs and light switches may also get missed, but they need regular cleaning to keep everyone healthy.

                Cleaning in the office is crucial because it makes things tidy and organized. This helps people focus better on their work so that they can do a good job. A clean office also makes people happy and feel good about their job.

                4 Ways to Remove Hard Water Stains

                It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or at the office, hard water stains are an eyesore. But there are some ways that you, or your professional cleaner, can get rid of these stains at your facility.  Hard water contains a higher amount of minerals like magnesium and calcium. These minerals are left behind as the water evaporates, leaving an unsightly mark.

                #1 Vinegar

                Vinegar is a non-toxic acid that can break through odors, tough grease, soap scum, and hard water stains. Quick science lesson, acids dissolve alkaline deposits (also called minerals), which is why white vinegar can help with surfaces that aren’t harmed by acetic acid. If the stains are on the surface, keep the surface wet with vinegar for 30 minutes and then scrub away using an abrasive scrubbing pad. For faucet stains, fill a sandwich bag halfway with white vinegar and bring it up to the faucet/shower head so the head is immersed. Then secure the bag by wrapping a thick rubber band around the top of the sandwich bag and the faucet/shower pipe. Gently turn on the water and fill it with water until it’s full. Allow it to sit for a few hours before you remove the bag. Wipe down the faucet with a clean, damp sponge and allow it to dry.

                #2 Bar Keepers Friend

                You might have some Bar Keepers Friend in your cleaning bucket because it’s a common cleaning product. It’s a fine powder that’s an oxalic acid cleaner. It’s used for tough cleaning jobs such as removing grease and breaking up limescale. It’s also helpful in removing hard water stains. Sprinkle some powder over the affected area to activate and allow it to foam. Then scrub in a circular motion to buff out the stains. Rinse away and prepare yourself for a stain-free faucet. As always, it’s a good idea to test the area in advance and you might want to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

                #3 Baking Soda

                You likely have some baking soda in your pantry, so give this method a try. Baking soda is a natural stain remover–especially when mixed with vinegar. You can mix these vinegar and baking soda together to create a powerful chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide. This helps to force minerals away from surfaces and leave behind a clean finish. For your stains, create a thick paste by mixing the baking soda and vinegar. Apply it to the hard water stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse away the paste with hot water and wipe it down with a cloth.

                #4 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

                Although toilet bowl cleaner is typically used for toilets, it’s a common household hydrochloric acid cleaner. If you’ve tried the other options and still have hard water stains, then give this method a whirl. First, make sure the surface is clean from other chemicals or cleaners to prevent reactions. Test a small area first in case you have a sensitive surface. If all looks ok, then place some cleaner on the stain and scrub in a circular motion. Wipe the cleaner away with a clean, damp sponge.

                Hopefully one of these methods can remove your hard water stains. Want to call an expert or hire some professional cleaning help? We’re available and ready! Reach out to us today for all of your cleaning needs.

                Can Cleaning Help Your Allergies? 7 Tips for Allergy Sufferers

                Sneezing, congestion, and itchy, watery eyes are common throughout allergy season. It can matter what products you use and how you clean your home and place of business. However, you won’t benefit from allowing allergies to accumulate in your house either. You must understand how to clean when you have allergies unless you prefer having scratchy eyes and sneezing bouts. For some useful advice, continue reading.

                Cleaning Advice for Allergy Sufferers

                1. Schedule Your Cleanings

                Those fortunate individuals who have never looked at the pollen prediction might be able to get away with slacking on their cleaning. But if you have allergies, it’s critical to maintain a clean home to avoid creating a triggering environment. Those who have allergies should try to clean them every day of the week. Spread up the ensuing activities so that you only have to perform a small amount of maintenance each day.

                2. Wear a Mask

                Put on a mask when cleaning at home or organizing your workspace at work to protect yourself from the dust you’ll be stirring up. It can also help if you have a sensitivity to strong-smelling cleaning supplies like bleach. After you’ve completed cleaning, either keep the mask on for a few hours or try to leave the house if you can, as any dust you’ve disturbed during your deep cleaning may take some time to settle.

                3. Vacuum Regularly

                To reduce the amount of dust in the air, make sure your facility cleaner vacuums rather than sweeping. Instead of scattering dirt and dust into the air, the Hoover does a better job of trapping it. To clean for allergies, make sure to hoover rather than sweep because brooms create more dust than they remove. It’s recommended to use the vacuum cleaner—along with any necessary attachments—at least twice a week to clean all the furniture and floors in your home. Additionally, using a Hoover with a small particle or HEPA filter is advised by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAI). These filters are made to capture small dust, dander, pollen, and other particles.

                4. Get an Air Purifiers

                You’ll find plenty of options for air filtration systems that can remove airborne allergens from your home or office. Depending on the size of your facility, you might have a large-scale air purifier. Smaller-scale purifiers feature smaller systems with HEPA filters that can help with allergens. Just make sure you replace the filter regularly so the air purifier can do its job. They eliminate the need for synthetic air fresheners, which are toxic and dangerous for anyone with allergies because they not only deal with chemicals but also neutralize odors. Choosing the correct houseplants may also improve the quality of the air you breathe, according to some scientists. Snake plants, aloe vera, and dracaena are examples of purifying varieties.

                blog evaluate a Commercial Cleaner

                5. Use Microfibre Cloths

                Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning because they attract dust better than a dry paper towel or cloth. If you don’t have any microfiber cloths to dust your office, try dampening a cloth so you can pick up more dust. Whether you have allergies or not, a microfiber cloth should always be your first choice when it comes to cleaning dust. When they’re damp, they are even more so than when they’re dry, they draw dust rather than merely moving it around like standard cotton versions.

                6. Shut Your Windows

                At work, closing your windows will keep pollen-filled air out of your building. It’s simple to believe that getting some fresh air will help, but this can simply aggravate your allergies. Cleaning the highest locations first and then moving down can aid your allergies and cleaning efficiency. Because cleaning stirs up dust and debris into the air, you’ll clean your floors last. Professional cleaners will perform a thorough job if you employ them.

                7. Minimise Dampness in the Bathroom

                When cleaning for allergies, humidity must be kept under control. Bathroom dampness, if untreated, can lead to more mold spores floating throughout your house. Every time you take a shower, wipe down the bathroom’s walls, floors, and fixtures with a microfiber cloth. After you leave the bathroom, keep the doors open to let the space air out. In order to allow for some airflow in the shower, you should also keep the shower curtain drawn back. Additionally, remember to once weekly clean the area beneath the toilet to get rid of any hair or dust that has accumulated there.

                Time to Hire a Professional?

                The best way to get rid of allergens is to clean everything thoroughly and frequently. But you may also ease your own burden by limiting the number of allergens that come into your house or office in the first place. Doormats are crucial, as well as instituting a no-shoes-in-the-house rule. Invest in two external doors for everyone you have—one inside and one outside—to trap as much as you can. Even though it could be challenging on a sunny day, keeping your windows closed is a smart idea if a high pollen count is predicted. If you really want to help your allergies, hire a professional cleaner to keep your home spotless and your allergies at bay. If you’d like some help professionally cleaning your facility, reach out for a free estimate.

                Earth Day Tips

                Table of Contents
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                  Earth Day is a special day when we focus on caring for our world. It’s exciting to consider how we can aid the environment in our homes and workplaces. Even small things we do every day can matter. Let’s check out this list together and see what simple changes we can make to live better for the Earth. From little steps at home to being awesome at work, we have some great Earth Day Tips to make our lives more sustainable.

                  Let’s dive in and make a positive impact!

                  List of Earth Day Tips


                  Recycling is like giving our used stuff a second chance. At work or home, you can find bins for recycling. It’s super easy! This helps stop waste from piling up in big dirt holes called landfills. And guess what? It also makes your carbon footprint smaller. Carbon footprint is like the Earth’s way of measuring the gases we make that can be not-so-good for the air. In the United States, people make about 16 tons of these gases each—wow, that’s a lot! We can become Earth heroes by putting plastic and paper in special bins instead of regular trash.

                  Use Green Cleaning Products

                  When you clean, use things like natural products, not strong chemicals. If a cleaning company like JoncoWest helps you clean, you can talk to them about using eco-friendly cleaning products. This way, we’re being nice to the environment and keeping our spaces clean. It’s like giving the Earth a little hug while tidying up!

                  Bring Your Own Bags

                  Remember to bring your bags when you go shopping or do tasks instead of using the store’s plastic bags. Also, for meals and snacks, use containers that you can use again, not plastic bags. This is helpful, especially if you have kids who bring lunch to school. It’s like having your eco-friendly superhero gear! Plus, it saves money and helps the environment by using less plastic. When you shop or make food, use reusable stuff like bags – you’ll be a superhero for the planet!

                  Ditch Plastic Water Bottles

                  Let’s talk about plastic bottles. Many things, like 2.5 billion food pouches, 38 billion water bottles, and 182.5 billion straws, go into landfills yearly. But you can make a difference by using a water bottle you can use again, not the plastic one. This change helps you save money and makes the Earth happier by reducing your carbon footprint. If you love drinking water, this change is extra awesome! And hey, if you usually have drinks in throwaway pouches, you can switch to using a cup you can use more than once. It’s like giving the Earth a high-five!

                  Reduce Your Energy Use

                  Let’s talk about using less energy. When buying things like fridges and other gadgets, choose ones that don’t use much energy. Also, get windows that keep the heat or cold inside, so you don’t need too much power for heating or cooling. When we use less energy, it’s like giving a little hug to the Earth because our carbon footprint gets smaller. You can also get better heating and cooling machines that don’t consume so much energy (and save you money on bills). On warm days, you can let fresh air in by opening windows instead of using the air conditioner. Making these changes is like being a friend to the Earth and your wallet too!

                  Turn Off the Lights

                  When it’s sunny, let sunlight inside instead of using lights. And when you’re not in a room, remember to switch off the lights. If you’re picking light bulbs, use LED ones that use less energy. You can even check out special systems that make lights turn on or off by themselves at specific times or when someone moves. When we use less energy for lights, it’s like a high-five for the Earth. So, let’s make it a habit to be bright with natural light and be smart with energy-efficient bulbs!



                  To sum up, the things we do daily can help the Earth. Using less plastic, recycling, and saving energy is like our superpowers for a better planet. When we use eco-friendly stuff and care for the environment, we become heroes for the Earth. So, let’s keep doing these simple things and follow these Earth Day Tips to keep our world happy and healthy. We’re all in this together, and even small actions matter!

                  If you want to know about eco-friendly cleaning choices, contact us, and we can discuss options and give you a cost estimate for free.


                  To be better on Earth Day:
                  1. Reduce, Reuse, recycle: Use less and recycle what you can.
                  2. Save Energy: Turn off lights and appliances when not needed.
                  3. Plant Trees: Help the environment by planting trees.
                  4. Use Less Water: Fix leaks and use water wisely.
                  5. Walk or Bike: Use cars less to reduce pollution.
                  6. Learn and Share: Learn about Earth and share with others.
                  7. Protect Wildlife: Keep their habitats safe.
                  8. Support Clean Energy: Use renewable energy sources.
                  9. Reduce Waste: Use less plastic and create less trash.
                  10. Teach Others: Share what you know about taking care of our planet.

                  We must safeguard the Earth because it is our home and provides us with everything we require to survive. Neglecting it will have negative consequences for our future and well-being.

                  Earth Day helps us remember to take care of our planet. When we do that, we get cleaner air water, and a nicer place to live for us and our kids.

                  The most important thing about Earth Day is telling everyone to keep our planet clean and healthy. This way, we can all have a good life today and tomorrow.

                  Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Earth Month

                  Table of Contents
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                    Earth Month is when we focus on being kind to our planet. It’s like a special month for Earth, where we learn how to take care of it better. We made a list of easy ways to help the environment. These ideas are like gifts we can give Earth to keep it healthy.

                    Let’s explore these ideas together and see how we can make Earth happier. By doing these simple things, we show that we care about our planet during Earth Month and all year.

                    Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

                    Avoid using the dryer.

                    Avoid using the dryer.

                    Not using the dryer and letting your clothes air dry is a clever and eco-friendly choice. Dryers use a lot of electricity, which can harm our planet. They can also increase your energy bill, meaning spending more money. Instead, you can hang your clothes inside on wooden racks or outside on a clothesline. The sun and the wind will work like magic to dry your clothes! It’s a simple way to be kind to the Earth and save some money for yourself.

                    By making this small change in your laundry routine, you’re reducing your environmental impact and keeping more cash in your wallet. It’s a win-win for you and the planet!

                    Use Eco-Friendly Products

                    Green cleaning products are an excellent approach to help the earth. These goods are superior since they do not include dangerous chemicals.
                    Some come in containers you can fill again, so we use only a little new plastic. Some containers can even break down naturally.

                    If you like, you can make your cleaning stuff. It’s easy!
                    You can get spray bottles and mix hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, lemon, and essential oils. This helps you make your cleaning supplies just the way you like them. They’re safe for your home and the Earth. Even though it’s a small change, it can have a big impact!

                    Get Rid of the Waste

                    Making less trash is great for our planet. Things like wipes and paper towels are easy to use but make a lot of garbage. Instead, you can use special clothes like microfiber or old T-shirts as cleaning rags. They work just as well; after you use them, you can wash and use them again. This helps reduce garbage and keeps our environment clean and safe.

                    It’s a simple change, but it can greatly impact taking care of our Earth. When we make less waste, we’re being kind to our planet and saving its resources. So, let’s use reusable clothes and make our world happier and cleaner!

                    Recycling and Composting


                    In April, let’s think about recycling better. Look at your town’s recycling rules and try your best to follow them. We want to keep as much stuff as possible from the big garbage dump.

                    Another way to help is by composting. Some places have programs for it, like recycling and trash services. Or you can make your compost at home with food scraps and other waste. It’s not just good for the Earth; it also makes your garden healthier with natural fertilizer. So, let’s recycle well and try composting too!

                    Stop sending Junk Mail

                    Stop sending Junk Mail

                    Stopping junk mail is good for the Earth and saves you time. Less junk mail means less paper waste. You can receive statements and receipts electronically, meaning they come to your email instead of on paper. You can also stop getting those unwanted credit card offers by visiting a website called

                    During April, it’s a great time to think about your habits and see if there are changes you can make to help the environment. Reducing junk mail is a simple step that makes a big impact.

                    To summarize, we can do simple things to protect our environment. We can use eco-friendly cleaning, make less trash, recycle, and compost. Also, we can cut down on unwanted mail and go for electronic statements to save time and paper. These little steps help our planet stay clean and happy, not just during Earth Month, but always. So, let’s join hands to take care of our beautiful Earth!


                    To be eco-friendly, use things wisely, like turning off lights and not wasting water. Recycle product, and buy things that are good for the Earth.

                    • Clean Living offers refillable cleaning products for a greener choice.
                    • Keep your bamboo toothbrush; don’t toss it when you’re finished.
                    • Swap disposable kitchen towels for reusable ones to cut waste.
                    • When making DIY cleaning stuff, baking soda is a key ingredient.

                    To clean in an eco-friendly way, choose products that say eco-friendly or natural on the label. These are better for the environment and have fewer tough chemicals. You can also make your cleaners using things like vinegar and baking soda from your house.

                    An eco-friendly cleaning product is good for the environment. It doesn’t have harmful chemicals that can harm nature. Instead, it uses safer ingredients to clean your home while being kind to the Earth.