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Decluttering at Work

Whether at home or at the office, decluttering feels amazing! You might be overwhelmed and wondering where you should start tackling your decluttering at your office. Take it one area at a time so it’s more manageable. To help streamline your organization efforts, get larger containers for trash, donations, put away, and recycling. Here’s a […]

Amazon BestSellers: Best Household Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products and supplies play an important part in people’s daily lives, by removing soils, germs, and other contaminants to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control and allergies such as dust.  You can’t start washing anything unless you have something to clean with. Soaps, detergents, cleaners, and stain removers have become a part […]

What to Clean for Spring Cleaning?

Spring is right around the corner! Some choose to deep clean their house to get ready for the new season. And the same applies to business as well. The spring cleaning tasks aren’t done as part of regular cleaning, so they’re completed once a year (or maybe a couple times a year). You might be […]

How To Start an Office Cleaning Service

Wondering how to start an office cleaning service? Then you came to the right place an office cleaning service can be intimidating for anyone. Offices are usually the place where people spend most of their time. Therefore, organizations need to take care of their employees and the office environment around them. While in an office […]

How to Manage Warehouse Employees

 Every business, whether small or large, tends to have a warehouse which is usually not so tough to control. With the right tools and experienced people to help, warehouse supervision becomes easy. But what to do to lead your team and make them more efficient and productive at work? Read on to find out.           Every […]

How to Clean a Facility Gym

A New Year brings new resolutions and more people to the gym. Germs around the gym spread fast. And if you have a large facility, consider all of the germs that can make their way into the gym and how fast they can spread. Wiping down equipment after use isn’t enough to eliminate germs. As […]

Best Practices for Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance ensures your company’s property is in tip-top shape so you can focus on leading your business. Facility maintenance encompasses a variety of services. Here is a sampling of some facility maintenance responsibilities:  Hard services include maintenance of the building itself. Depending on the type of building, this can include a wide range of […]

Tips on hiring a cleaning crew

Everybody likes a clean house, of course! But in today’s time of hustle, nobody has enough dedicated time to look after their residence. Sounds relatable? Well, the next choice we have is to hire a cleaning service. Hiring any random person, and handing them gloves and disinfectants or detergents won’t be as effective as choosing […]

What to Clean before Moving Facilities

Moving your company is stressful enough, and you want to leave it in tidy condition for the next renter or owner. It’s helpful to know what’s typically cleaned for moving so you can check each item off your list. Moving a company is stressful, and often cleaning the previous facility is not a high priority. […]