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4 Signs that You Need to Hire Commercial Cleaners

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    Bringing professional commercial cleaners for your office can be a big choice. If you’re a business owner who’s been thinking about it, we’re here to guide you!
    Hiring a Commercial cleaner offers several advantages. They can work around your schedule, create a cleaning plan that suits your needs, save time and money, and make a positive impression on your visitors. Beyond these benefits, commercial cleaning companies are crucial in keeping your workplace germ-free and ensuring it looks clean.

    If you’re still unsure, here are four signs that it’s a good idea to Hire Commercial Cleaners.

    Noticeable Dirt:

    Sometimes, the janitors on your regular staff may need the right tools or enough time to clean your place as well as it should. If you often see dirt or messiness in your workplace, it’s a clear sign that you must bring in a commercial cleaner. These professionals have all the fancy cleaning equipment, top-notch cleaning supplies, and plenty of skilled workers to ensure your place stays spotless so you don’t see any visible dirt or mess around.When you hire commercial cleaners, you can count on them to handle the nitty-gritty cleaning tasks that might be missed. This means your workspace will look cleaner and be a healthier and more pleasant place for everyone.

    Sick Employees:

    The people who work for your company are very important. They do important tasks to keep everything going smoothly. When employees get sick, it can be a problem for your business. It costs money because they can’t work and can make others unhappy too.

    But hiring a commercial cleaner can help a lot. When your workplace is really clean and free of germs, it can make a big difference. While we can’t stop all illnesses, having a clean and germ-free place can help.

    Commercial cleaners are cleaning experts. They know how to make your place clean and ready for your employees and clients. So, it’s good for everyone – your employees stay healthier, and your business runs better. Moreover, it saves you money because healthy employees mean less time off work and more work getting done.

    Too Little Time:

    Everyone has the same number of hours daily. If you’re busy growing your business and running out of time, it’s a clear sign that you should bring in a commercial cleaner. Spending your precious time on your business instead of cleaning is smarter. You might only have a little extra time to do things others can do for you.

    Getting a commercial cleaner helps you have more time for important things like growing your business. It’s like having a cleaning expert handle the dirty work while you manage the more crucial aspects of your business. This way, you can use your time more and make your business even more successful.

    Lower Productivity and Less Focus on Doing Well:

    How clean your workplace is can affect how well your workers do their jobs. A clean place makes it easier for them to stay excited and do their tasks well. But if it’s messy, it can make them feel stressed, distracted, and uncomfortable. Some offices need a dedicated cleaning team, and employees may not clean regularly. That’s where professional office cleaners come in. They help business owners like you manage the cleanliness of the space.

    When you hire office cleaners, your employees don’t have to stop working to clean up.There’s a saying that people work as well as they’re expected to. Suppose you’re in charge at work; how clean the place is shows what you expect from your employees. So, having a clean workplace makes them happier and shows that you expect excellence.

    Bad Reviews from Customers:

    If you have clients visiting your place, having a clean facility is super important. You want to make your clients happy and satisfy them so they keep coming back (and tell others about your business).But if your clients see that your place is dirty, messy, and unprofessional, they might start saying bad things about it. Unhappy customers can spread negative feedback to others. They might talk badly about your company or leave bad reviews online. All this negative feedback can harm your company’s reputation.

    So, what’s the decision? Have you realized that you need to hire a commercial cleaner? If you do, you can reach out to JoncoWest; they’ll be happy to help!


    Here are the qualities of a good commercial cleaner in simple bullet points:

    1. Reliable
    2. Detail-oriented.
    3. Hardworking
    4. Trustworthy
    5. Know cleaning products
    6. Safety conscious.
    7. Good communicator
    8. Adaptable
    9. Physically fit
    10. Punctual

    You should hire professionals to clean your office because they know how to clean properly, have the necessary tools, and save you time. It makes your workplace a pleasant and healthy environment for everyone.

    You should hire a cleaner like me because we are good at cleaning and can make your place look nice and tidy. We save you time and make your life easier by taking care of the cleaning tasks for you.

    From your cleaner, in a 2-hour cleaning session, you can expect:

    1. Folding laundry.
    2. Mopping the floors.
    3. Wiping down kitchen surfaces.
    4. Doing some basic vacuuming.
    5. Emptying the trash bins.
    6. Cleaning the toilet.
    1. They’ll help make your place cleaner and more organized during this time.

    When choosing a cleaner, whether from an agency or privately, ask these questions:

    1. What do you charge per hour?
    2. How long have you been cleaning for? 
    3. How many consumers do you have? 
    4. What cleaning tasks do you usually handle for homes or businesses?
    5. Are there any cleaning tasks you won’t do?

    Fall Cleaning Tips

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      Fall cleaning is equally essential as spring cleaning! As the leaves change colors and the air gets a bit cooler, it’s a great time to prepare your home or space for autumn. This blog shares some easy and practical fall cleaning tips to help prepare your living space for the cozy months ahead. Whether it’s getting rid of summer dust, organizing your warm clothes, or prepping for holiday gatherings, these tips will make your fall cleaning routine a breeze.

      So, let’s dive in and make your space feel fresh, comfortable, and ready to embrace the beauty of fall!

      Appliances and cabinets for the breakroom

      It’s a good time to clean your break room stuff in the fall, like the microwave and fridge. Clean the microwave by scrubbing off any leftover food. Empty the refrigerator, clean the shelves and bins, and check for old or expired items. If you find any, tell your coworkers before you throw them away. When you put things back in the fridge, make it neat. Remember to clean the counters, even small machines like toasters.

      Let’s move on to the cabinets. First, empty them so that you may clean the shelves.You can also put new liners on the shelves. When you’re putting stuff back in, try to organize it nicely. This will make your break room clean and tidy for the upcoming season!


      Before the weather gets colder, clean your facility’s windows inside and out. This is the right time to do it before it’s too hard. Having very clean windows is important because it lets lots of sunlight into your space, making it brighter and nicer. So, clean your windows well before the chilly weather comes. It will make your facility look better and let more light in.


      When the seasons change, it’s a good time to clean up. When the seasons change, it’s a wonderful opportunity to organize your workspace. Decluttering involves getting rid of objects you no longer require. Because there is less clutter, having fewer items in your office might make it feel less stressful and orderly.

      Look through storage areas, cupboards, and office space for items you can donate or give away. We sometimes accumulate stuff that we no longer use over time that someone else could find beneficial. Decluttering the workplace generates more space and a calmer attitude, making it a better place for everyone. It’s also a good way to give back to others by sharing things you no longer require.

      Arrange the closets

      Let’s get our closets ready for fall. Examine your own and your children’s closets. Find clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit. Put these clothes in a pile to be given to others.

      It’s time to change your clothes. Put away your summer clothes and dig out your warm winter coats and sweaters. This helps you prepare for the winter months while keeping your closets clean. It’s a simple method to have the correct fall outfits while assisting others with unused clothes.

      Deep Cleaning

      In the fall, doing extra thorough cleaning in your facility is a good idea. Here are a few things you can do:


      These deep-cleaning tasks help keep your facility looking its best and create a healthier and more pleasant environment for everyone.

      Please let us know if you need assistance with fall cleaning or any other cleaning services for your home. We undertake various cleaning jobs and are happy to help you and answer any queries. You can easily contact us, and we would be glad to assist you in keeping your space clean and neat.


      Sure, here’s how to do fall cleaning
      •  Declutter: Start by getting rid of things you don’t need.
      • Dust: Dust surfaces like shelves, tables, and electronics.
      • Vacuum: Vacuum carpets and rugs.
      • Sweep and mop: Sweep and mop hard floors.
      • Wash windows: Clean windows to let in more light.
      • Clean appliances: Wipe down appliances in the kitchen

      In fall cleaning, first, remove extra stuff, then dust surfaces and vacuum carpets. Mop hard floors and clean windows for more light. Tidy the kitchen, check filters, fix problems, change bedding for warmth, and add cozy fall decorations for a comfy feeling.

      • Get Cleaning Supplies: Gather cleaning products, a broom, a mop, and a vacuum.
      • Declutter: Put away things that are out of place.
      • Dust: Wipe surfaces like tables and electronics.
      • Vacuum: Clean carpets and rugs with a vacuum cleaner.
      • Sweep and Mop: For hard floors, sweep and then mop with soapy water.
      • Kitchen: Wipe down countertops, appliances, and the sink.
      • Bathroom: Clean the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower.
      • Windows: Wash windows to make them clean and shiny.
      • Trash: Empty trash bins and put in new bags.

      It’s usually a good idea to clean the top parts first and work your way down. Start with things like ceilings and high shelves, then clean lower areas like tables and floors. This way, any dust or dirt that falls gets cleaned up later.