Day: October 25, 2023

Tips for successful Office Cleaning during the holidays

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    The holiday times is right around the corner and it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the mood of people today, with the help of JoncoWest we can make all that your worries go away. Whether it’s for Office party, gathering, holidays meetings, events, and other miscellaneous things call Jonco for better cleaning quality. In this blog you will find relevant information related to holiday cleaning.

    1. Cleaning out the refrigerator:

    Cleaning out the refrigerator can be a tedious task but that should be the first one to be taken care of since it’s pretty tedious.

    The first thing that you want to do, turn off  therefregertatorit self, once cleaning is done you can turn it back on for now turn off and check if the surrounding around you is safe so you don’t trip or harm yourself.

    Next you want you want to empty out the refrigerator. Don’t leave food out for more than an hour. Inventory the food and throw out any expired or unwanted foods, and any food that is taking up space just throw it out.

    If your refrigerator has removable shelves, then take those out and start wiping them down with mix fragrance free dish soap warm water in basin or sink.

    Next go deeper in the interior/exterior and make sure you wipe down the corners. You can fill a spray bottle with a cleaning solution of two tablespoons of baking soda and a quart of hot water. Then wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to clean the top and bottom.


    Friendly tip:

    Odor can cause a unhygienic problem when it comes to your office space. Any unwanted or expired food should be removed. A neeat trick is to add a box or jar of baking soda on a rimmed baking sheet inside the fridge with the door closed until the smell goes away.

    2. Cleaning out the Carpets/Floors:

    Carpet Cleaning

    Now that you cleaned out the refrigerator, if any food items spilled might want to clean the floors or carpets next. JoncoWest suggests that you do the floors and carpets next.

     People, clients, staff, and almost everyone comes and goes from your office floor. Consider that when office parties, meetings, or gatherings happen and can guarantee crumbs or spill is going to happen if it’s crowded. So the first step is to remain calm, then call Jonco next but if there is a need to clean your carpet right away first determine whether your carpets is wodded or not. Then for any wine spills use club soda. After, vacuum up any last tiny debris.

    3. Cleaning out the desks:

    Finally, identifying these common cleaning

    Depending on the mess of your desk, our suggestion firs tis to remove all unwanted items first ad throw away any garabage. Then remove all items, time for reorganization if you want to. Then make sure all electronics are switched off and  any cables are out of the way and the for piles of papers make sure to gather them up and neatly stacked and placed in a organized folder.

    4. Cleaning out the restrooms:

    4. Fuzz and Pet hair are Easily Removed Using Duct Tape

    First and foremost you want to protect yourself from deadly odors, and protect yourself from any trash lying around, most likely paper towels. Then gather the supplies needed thoroughly clean the toilets and urinals, then comes deep cleaning the sinks and taking out the trash. It’s a tedious task but if you need further assistance with that then JoncoWest is here to help.

    Lastly these four steps can help you thoroughly clean an office. Remember does your office hosts a lot of gatherings? Is it busy? Does it have a lot of staff? Do a lot of parties or events occurs? When was the last time you had an office party? These questions are good to ask yourself and prepare for the up-coming holidays. Not just during the holidays but any other days. If your office allows it its always fun to decorate your office space in festivities mode.


    • Declutter and organize workspaces.
    • Gather cleaning supplies in advance.
    • Dust, wipe down, vacuum, sanitize, and restock regularly.
    1. Decorations: Remove and store holiday decorations neatly.
    2. Clean Surfaces: Wipe down countertops and tables.
    3. Vacuum/Sweep: Clean floors and carpets.
    4. Organize: Declutter and organize to start the new year fresh.

    To make office cleaning better, plan who cleans what and when. You can ask employees to help or hire cleaners. Use good tools and eco-friendly stuff to save time and make the office healthier. Keep checking and changing your cleaning plan to keep the office nice.

    Office cleaning should include dusting, wiping surfaces, and vacuuming or sweeping floors regularly. Don’t forget to clean shared areas, like the kitchen and restroom, and empty trash bins as needed to maintain a clean and inviting workspace.